Bud not buddy bag of rocks

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bud not buddy bag of rocks

Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis

Its 1936, in Flint, Michigan. Times may be hard, and ten-year-old Bud may be a motherless boy on the run, but Buds got a few things going for him:

He has his own suitcase full of special things.

Hes the author of Bud Caldwells Rules and Things for Having a Funner Life and Making a Better Liar Out of Yourself.

His momma never told him who his father was, but she left a clue: flyers advertising Herman E. Calloway and his famous band, the Dusky Devastators of the Depression!!!!!!

Buds got an idea that those flyers will lead him to his father. Once he decides to hit the road and find this mystery man, nothing can stop him--not hunger, not fear, not vampires, not even Herman E. Calloway himself.
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Bud, not Buddy review

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Christopher Paul Curtis

Bud, Not Buddy Summary and Analysis of Chapters 1-5

I like the book Bud Not Buddy it is about a ten year old boy trying to find his father after his mom died. I think it's a adventure book. In his suitcase that he tied with twine there was: a poster of his dad he thinks , a picture of his mom, and a blanket. They are all important, because they are all he has. Bud has a good heart. He also has a suitcase with very special things in it. There is a picture of his mom, some posters of a jazz band, and last a blanket that he uses to fall asleep.

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Bud, a ten-year-old boy, and the other children at the Home are waiting in line for breakfast when they hear a caseworker come in. The lady walks up to Bud and confirms his identity, then calls over Jerry Clark. The boys are not particularly excited but she sternly tells them that this is the Depression and they should be grateful. Bud is wary because it his third foster home, but he feels like he cannot cry anymore. Jerry, though, who is six, is sniffling because he does not want to go to a home with three girls. Bud tries to console him, saying that he's probably better off, than Bud, since the Amoses, with whom Bud has been placed, have an older boy who will no doubt want to fight him.


The book received the Newbery Medal for excellence in American children's literature. Bud Caldwell is a ten-year-old orphan, living in Flint, Michigan , in Since the death of his mother four years earlier, Bud has been living in an orphanage and had short stints in several foster homes. The few items he has left of his mother include a blanket, a bag of rocks, a photograph of his mother as a child, and flyers that show Herman E. Calloway and his jazz band, the Dusky Devastators of the Depression. The story opens with Bud being placed with a new foster family, the Amoses. Bud soon meets Todd Amos, their year-old son, who teases him mercilessly and calls him Buddy.


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    Bud's Suitcase - Shand's 5th Grade Blog

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    and find homework help for other Bud, Not Buddy questions at eNotes. Inside, there also is an “old tobacco bag,” which contains his favorite rocks that were.

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    and find homework help for other Bud, Not Buddy questions at eNotes. What do you think is the meaning of the writing on the rocks in Bud's suitcase?.

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