New super mario 2 secrets

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new super mario 2 secrets

New Super Mario Bros 2, DS, 3DS, Secrets, Exits, Walkthrough, Star Coins, Power Ups, Worlds, Tips, Jokes, Game Guide Unofficial by Master Gamer



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New Super Mario Bros. U Worlds 1 - 9 Full Game (100%)

New Super Mario Brothers 2 is full of Secrets, Cheats, and other Easter Eggs. From hidden levels to easy coins, there is plenty to keep you.
Master Gamer

‘New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe’: All of the secret exits and world skips

Here's how you get to them. To do this, go to the first castle Or tower in that world. Just after the Midway Flag, you'll see a door. Go through the door and follow the Snake Blocks through the hole on the right of the screen. Hurry, and be careful not to get yourself squished!

World 2 is the second world in New Super Mario Bros. It is a desert-themed world. The boss is Mummipokey , who is fought at the castle level. World 2 is a very mysterious desert. It also has palm trees, brown blocks, brick blocks , and orange rope platforms scattered around the map. World 2 is also surrounded by dark blue water.

The many Secret Exits (Secret Goals) in New Super Mario Bros. 2 lead to new worlds, Warp Cannons, and Mushroom Houses. Here is a full list.
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Successfully complete the game. Collect 1 million coins to change the title screen to a gold Mario with a bunch of coins. Collect 9,, coins to max the coin counter and unlock an alternate title screen featuring a Tanooki Mario statue. To unlock the secret Rainbow levels, you must jump on the flagpole when the timer ends with the indicated numbers. If done correctly, you will hear the original NES world cleared music followed by fireworks and a rainbow. When you return to the world map, the entrance to the secret Rainbow level will appear at the entry point of each world on the far left. Secret Rainbow levels contain no enemies but hundreds of coins, and eventually golden flower power-ups.


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    After getting 9,, coins and maxing the coin counter, you get an alternate title screen with the mario statue now being a tanooki mario statue!

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    Find all of the secret exits and world skips in 'New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe'

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