Non commissioned officer canadian forces

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non commissioned officer canadian forces

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Published 30.03.2019

The NCO Creed (Loop)

Non-commissioned member

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This group of jobs includes commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers NCOs or members of other non-commissioned ranks of the Canadian Armed Forces. Personnel in this group are assigned to specific operations related to reconnaissance, peacekeeping, disaster relief and combat. This is a fairly large occupation in Nova Scotia so job opportunities occur fairly regularly. The number employed in this occupation is expected to grow moderately over the next few years, which will likely provide some additional opportunities for employment. With a large percent of workers being 55 years of age and older, retirements are expected to be a key contributor to employment opportunities over the coming years. Canadian Forces most commonly work full-time hours.

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Pay rates for non-commissioned members NCMs of the Regular Force and Reservists on Class C service are listed below by rank, within each occupation groups. These are monthly pay rates and they are the latest rates available as of unless stated otherwise. Within each rank there are a number of pay increments PI which represent automatic annual increases in pay to recognize advancements in experience, skill and knowledge. Some ranks have several pay levels based on entry plans to the Canadian Armed Forces. See pay overview for information on the factors that determine pay rates. Pay rates for Reservists on Class A and Class B service are listed below by rank, within each occupation group.


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