How to drink whiskey without burn

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how to drink whiskey without burn

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Published 31.03.2019

How To Drink Whisky In 4 EASY Steps

Drinking whiskey is a lot like getting into a romantic relationship. This will take the edge off the alcohol burn and allow you to taste the other flavors. . the water and a fancy glass straw with your drink without having to ask.

8 Tips For Drinking Whiskey Without Looking Like A Newbie

Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. A bartender told us years ago that the sexiest thing a woman can do in a bar is to order good scotch and sip it neat. We seem to recall hearing this from a staff member at the old Whisky Bar--a rather appropriate setting, but also something we can't seem to confirm no matter how hard we rack whatever remains of our gray matter. Our editor keeps referring to "research"--apparently a well-known concept, for when we Googled to find out just what the hell he was talking about, about million examples popped up.

This form of drinking whiskey is off putting to most people but allows the consumer to really get a true taste of the raw flavor of the drink. You are not hiding it with coke or other flavors. This is just pure aged goodness. This "tear drop" whiskey is a way to draw out the more difficult flavors to find in the drink without drowning all of the aged goodness. This cold drop of water is going to bring out the lighter notes of the drink as well. This is a good way to get very subtle but great flavor from your whiskey.

You are sitting in the bar with your friends, a whiskey neat in hand. The fumes from your glass cause the roof of your mouth to tingle as you tip the glass to your lips. Whiskey slips across your tongue, a warm burn following behind. As the liquor engulfs your taste buds, its touch is focused on a very specific cell type. Situated in the delicate tissue that lines your mouth and throat are nerves that warn your body of extreme heat, among other things.

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Before I get ostracized by all of you whisky lovers who live and die by whisky served neat, let me say my piece. In the past, I haven't been much of a whisky fan—I would shoot it back or add it to Coke or ginger ale, but I certainly wouldn't sip on it and enjoy it.

Noorman's Kil With a staggering bottles of scotch, bourbon, and rye, Noorman's Kil bar in Brooklyn is a whiskey fan's dream. The bar is a place for serious and casual whiskey drinkers alike grilled cheese enthusiasts too , so we sat down with Simoneau to learn some tips on how to drink scotch and bourbon without looking like an idiot. Drinkers often start with bourbon because of the taste accessibility and price point. Eventually, many connoisseurs want to move toward scotch. So just start tasting them, Simoneau says. For a good first date, try the classic single-malt Oban Another "nice and accessible" scotch stepping-stone is The Balvenie Doublewood 12 , whose sherry finish gives it a sweeter taste.


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