How to teach effectively in college

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how to teach effectively in college

McKeachies Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers by Wilbert J. McKeachie

McKeachies Teaching Tips is a handbook designed to provide helpful strategies for dealing with both the everyday problems of teaching at the university level, and those that pop up in trying to maximize learning for every student. The suggested strategies are supported by research and are grounded in enough theory to enable teachers to adapt them to their own situations. The author does not suggest a set of recipes to be followed mechanically, but gives teachers the tools they need to deal with the ever changing dynamics of teaching and learning.
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Published 01.04.2019

What Makes a Good Lecture? Tips on Engaging Your Audience

Class Size Matters

Ideas vary as to what constitutes large classes. At a smaller liberal arts college, a to person psychology class may seem big, whereas at many higher education institutions, that is just an average size. When a college is filling classes in rooms the size of very large movie theaters, we can probably all agree that those are enormous classes. At one point, I was so used to teaching classes that hovered between 15 and 45 students that when I got assigned person classes, I worried that I would need to drastically alter my teaching style. I had figured out how to master facilitating meaningful discussions in those smaller classes, but I wondered how I could get discussion going with so many students. Would I have to either get rid of, or really sacrifice, the open and intimate aspects of my classes -- which I regard as hallmarks of sound pedagogy? Eventually, I learned how to effectively teach larger classes.

By: Mary Clement EdD.
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Demystifying Higher Education

As you take on what is likely to be a new experience of having full responsibility for teaching courses in your field, you will also be learning to balance the time you spend on teaching, research, and service to your department and the University. Even if you have already had full course responsibility as an assistant to instructor, you will be taking on a new role of authority in the eyes of the students. The following tips are meant to help you strengthen your effectiveness as you make the transition into this new phase of your teaching career:. Do your research. Ask your colleagues about what you can expect of Washington University students.

For the Times Higher Education Teaching Survey , we surveyed more than 1, university staff to find out what they think about the state of teaching in higher education. The full results will be published on Thursday 16 February. In the meantime, many of the respondents took the opportunity to offer some teaching words of wisdom. Students should be facing the front, taking notes and respecting their peers. Lennard Davis wonders whether activist academics have wrongly prioritised exuberantly bad behaviour over the hard graft of working for real change. Skip to main content. How to teach: 13 top teaching tips for university lecturers.


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    college teachers. 1. Study the knowledge base of teaching and learning. It includes developing effective instructional strategies, reaching.

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    T eaching your first college class can be exhilarating, but also intimidating.

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    Like most faculty, I didn't receive much training in graduate school in how to teach or design effective college courses. Over the years, I learned.

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