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how to tie a the

How to Tie a Tie: A Gentlemans Guide to Getting Dressed by Potter Style

A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life,  quipped Oscar Wilde, a fashion genius who could knot an ascot as well as he could turn a phrase. For the rest of us, theres How to Tie a Tie. Whether you have always wanted to master a classic Windsor knot or simply need to rustle up an acceptable bow tie, this is your personal guide to dressing seriously well.

Inside youll find:
* Step-by-step instructions to knot neckties for casual, office, and evening wear
* Tailoring basics for sartorial excellence
* Guidlines for matching cufflinks to shirts, foldng pocket squares, and other essential finishing touches
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Published 01.04.2019

How to Tie a Windsor Knot - Men's Fashion

Whether you are new to wearing ties or are a necktie aficionado the tips below will help you master all the popular necktie knots. The tie knots listed below are sorted by difficulty, starting with the popular and easy to master Four-in-Hand knot, and ending with the more challenging dimpled double Windsor knot.
Potter Style

Popular Ways to Tie a Necktie

Look at less formal business outfits. The four-in-hand or half Windsor knot. Each style sends a different message and suits a different shirt collar and neck. There are tie knots for tall guys, short guys, big guys and skinny guys. Now you know how to tie a necktie the easiest way… are you ready for a challenge? The four in hand knot is one of the most popular necktie knots for beginners learning how to tie a tie.

How To Tie A Tie – Men's Ties & Necktie Knots Illustrated Guide

Whether for business or social occasions, certain ensembles look better with a tie. Located underneath the shirt collar and knotted at the throat, a straight tie brings a level of professionalism and elegance to a suit, vest, or shirt and slacks. Although clip-on ties may seem like the easiest route, hand-tied straight ties are the most attractive option. With six tie knots to choose from, there's something for every neck size and shirt style. If you prefer an easy knot, we suggest starting with the full Windsor.

Show less Have you graduated beyond the clip-on tie? Beginning with these helpful instructions, a sharp-looking tie, a mirror, and some patience, you can become an expert in tying your own fashionable knot. You have several options available, from the versatile Four-in-Hand Knot to the classic Windsor. If you're helping someone else put on a tie, see this article for instructions from that perspective. Tip: Many consider the large, symmetric Windsor knot the most elegant and formal option. Wear it with a spread or wide spread collar.


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