How did eddie cochran die

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how did eddie cochran die

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Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran - Legends In Concert

Eddie Cochran, the man behind “Summertime Blues” and “C'mon Theirs was the kind of music that the future members of the British Invasion.

10 facts you may not have known about Eddie Cochran

A raw and exciting rocker with a cocky, rebellious image, Eddie Cochran was very different from the polished and packaged idols being heavily marketed to American teenagers in the years between the rise of Elvis Presley and the arrival of the Beatles. And while he may have faded from popular memory in the years since his tragic and early death, his biggest hits have not. Cochran was on a triumphant concert tour of Britain in the spring of —a tour that had been extended 10 weeks beyond its scheduled run due to intense demand for tickets. Theirs was the kind of music that the future members of the British Invasion were listening to in the late 50s and early 60s. At least one Beatle, George Harrison, saw Eddie Cochran in Liverpool during his final tour, and both his guitar-playing and his stage persona made a strong impression. Having been thrown from the vehicle when it smashed into a light post, Cochran sustained a serious head injury.

It was long before seat belts and air-bags were made compulsory. But as you can image with these skinny cross-ply tires and with the combined weight of the passengers and luggage and the speed factor it was an accident waiting to happen. The car is not that badly damaged really it was just bad luck that Eddie Cochran decided to sit in the front. Cochran was thrown through the windscreen, suffered severe head injuries, and was taken to St. Martin's Hospital, Bath, but died at p. The taxi crashed into a lamp post on Rowden Hill, where a plaque now commemorates the event no other car was involved. Songwriter Sharon Sheeley and singer Gene Vincent survived the crash, Vincent sustaining injuries that would shorten his career and affected him for the rest of his life.

Read the story of how the rock'n'roll legend met his tragic end in a car crash in Chippenham in His death in St.
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Eddie Cochran - Cherished Memories (2001 British documentary)

Cochran's songs, such as " Twenty Flight Rock ", " Summertime Blues ", " C'mon Everybody " and " Somethin' Else ", captured teenage frustration and desire in the mids and early s. Cochran was involved with music from an early age, playing in the school band and teaching himself to play blues guitar. Soon afterwards, he signed a recording contract with Liberty Records. Cochran died at age 21 after a road accident, while travelling in a taxi in Chippenham , Wiltshire , during his British tour in April , having just performed at Bristol's Hippodrome theatre. Though his best-known songs were released during his lifetime, more of his songs were released posthumously.



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    Eddie Cochran dies, and Gene Vincent is injured, in a UK car accident - HISTORY

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    American rock'n'roll star Eddie Cochran died during the afternoon of Thompkins later recalled: "You come out from under the viaduct and.

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    10 facts you may not have known about Eddie Cochran

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    The Ford Consul Bristol taxi in which Eddie Cochran died o… | Flickr

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