How old is matt hardy

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how old is matt hardy

The Hardy Boyz: Exist 2 Inspire by Matt Hardy

Matt and Jeff Hardy have proven that a relentless drive for success can make your wildest dreams come true. While still in high school, Matt and Jeff decided to become professional wrestlers at any cost. In a business that usually prizes giants, they were told their aspirations were unreasonable and impossible. But after the tragic loss of their mother, they began to pursue their goals with unstoppable determination.

The Hardy Boyz: Exist 2 Inspire tells the story of Matt and Jeff Hardys journey to WWE superstardom. Whether taking beatings from Razor Ramon and Nikolai Volkoff during their first WWE matches or winning the WWE Tag Team Championships against the Acolytes, the Hardy Boyz have experienced all the pains and pleasures that sports-entertainment has to offer. Their fast-moving, high-flying ring style has raised the bar for anyone who aims to follow in their footsteps.

From receiving a standing ovation for their 1999 No Mercy ladder match against Edge and Christian to winning singles championships, Matt and Jeff have succeeded both as a team and as individuals. Still in their mid-twenties, the Hardyz have long careers ahead of them. The Hardy Boyz is the inspirational true story of two small-town North Carolina boys who clawed their way to the top of the magical world of professional wrestling and achieved their childhood dreams.
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Matt Hardy vows to “delete” Bray Wyatt: Raw, Dec. 4, 2017

Cameron, North Carolina

In , they were joined by Lita , and the trio became Team Xtreme. The team is currently inactive due to Jeff's leg injury. After splitting as a team in , the brothers reunited in and teamed sporadically afterward. Both brothers also won singles championships during their runs, with each becoming multi-time world champions in their own right. In , they held seven [10] tag team titles from seven different promotions at the same time, including the ROH and the TNA Tag Team Championships, being recognized as the only tag team in history to hold the titles simultaneously. After returning to WWE at WrestleMania 33 , and winning the Raw Tag Team Championship at the event, they became the only tag team in history to have held tag team championships from all three major U.

Matthew Moore Hardy [9] born September 23, [10] is an American professional wrestler , currently signed to WWE , where he performs on the SmackDown brand alongside his real-life brother Jeff where they are collectively known as The Hardy Boyz. Wrestling in three separate decades, Hardy has managed to keep himself relevant through a variety of different gimmicks, character changes as well as his use of social media. Hardy's eccentric "Broken" gimmick, which he debuted in , earned him multiple awards and praise from wrestling critics, including a second Best Gimmick award. Matt gained notoriety in WWF's tag team division due to the Hardys' participation in tables, ladders, and chairs matches. Hardy is married to professional wrestler Rebecca "Reby Sky" Reyes and together they have two boys, Maxel born in and Wolfgang Xander born in


Sign in. Being trained by wrestling legend Dory Funk Jr. However, he had to change it because a wrestling tag team in World Champion Wrestling WCW was all ready using that name. So, Hardy decided to go under the name of "Surge". A few years later, it was revealed by Chris Kanyon that the tape had been kept in the WCW Power Plant, watched multiple times and had the name stole from them. The Hardy Boyz first started working for the WWF E not in the tag team division but in singles division as jobbers a wrestler who "loses" more matches than winning.


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