How much money does a rockette make

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how much money does a rockette make

Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom by Keltie Colleen

After a foreword from Tony award winning director and choreographer, Jerry Mitchell, Keltie Colleen introduces herself – an average, everyday sort of girl from an average town with average parents. Ever since she can remember, she wanted to be a dancer. Throughout Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom, we watch Keltie move to New York City and follow her dreams. She struggles and overcomes incredible odds to be invited into the world’s premier dance company, The Radio City Rockettes. All of her dreams come true just as she falls madly in love for the first time with her complete opposite: a long-haired, whisky-drinking, rockstar. Keltie takes us on an adventure complete with painful missteps on her path to finding love, dealing with loss and working as a performer in the entertainment industry. When rockstar number one breaks her heart, Keltie replaces him with a long-haired, skinny jean wearing clone. And when that relationship ends, she finds herself dancing on the MTV Video Music Award stage making love eyes at her next skinny jean wearing future boyfriend, whose face in the coming months would taunt her from the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Keltie hits rockbottom after finding out that rockstar number three had not only been touring all over the world, but touring the beds of various women. Left in a state of disbelief, she vows to break her addiction to emotionally unavailable men in skinny jeans. She does what any women does when her heart is broken: she cries, stops eating and is sure her life is over. Keltie walks us through the steps of healing heartbreak and finding yourself after your identity is stolen by someone else’s heart. Her ability to be honest to herself and then share that with the world is not only incredibly brave, but inspiring. Charmingly
awkward, her resiliency, determination and love of life are truly something to aspire to.
It’s the one story we want to hear again and again, a love story with a happy ending.
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Rockette Auditions: Day One

Rockettes tend to get asked back year after year, which makes it one of the But because they perform so many more times a day, and get overtime for is no way to prepare for the 1, kicks they do during a five-show day.
Keltie Colleen

23 Fun Facts About the Christmas Spectacular (and the Rockettes!)

The Christmas Spectacular was originally 30 minutes. The original minute live Christmas Spectacular , which debuted on Dec. Today, the show has evolved into a minute extravaganza celebrating the holiday season to the fullest. Two iconic numbers have remained nearly unchanged. Over 3, women have performed as Rockettes. Millions and millions!


ONE after the other, like beautiful, glittering drones, the Rockettes spilled off an elevator onto the stage level at Radio City Music Hall. Dressed in sequined skating costume, their shoulders swaying, they sauntered down a narrow hallway and gathered off stage right, waiting to go on for the holiday show's opening night. All flashing the same red-lipstick smile, batting the same fake eyelashes, they flirted with crew members, adjusted their Statue of Liberty-style crowns or wished one another good luck.

At some point in their lives, every aspiring dancer dreams of becoming a Radio City Rockette, or being just like one. Whether she finds herself trying to get her kicks as high as she can or trying to perfect the art of singing while tap dancing, it is a dancer's dream and honor to get up on the stage and call themselves a Rockette. The costumes, the music, the lights, and most of all—performing. Louis with the help of their creator Russell Markert. After seeing the John Tiller girls in Ziegfeld Follies of , Markert was inspired to form a group of American girls that could kick high, tap dance, and sing. He was convinced they could become a great attraction at any show. Years later, it turned out he was right.

With a legacy going back to St. The Rockettes are perhaps most famous for the high in-unison leg kicks they perform during their chorus line finales. The audition to become a Rockette is tough and once you become one your pay is good, though not great. The Rockettes performance season, though, is compressed into several short months. According to a "New York Times" article, many Rockettes supplement their off-season earnings by working in musical theater. Some Rockettes also work as fitness or dance instructors or pursue careers in other areas of the entertainment industry such as modeling.

It's not easy being a Rockette: Since they debuted back in the s as the "Roxyettes," the leggy dancers have been holiday icons. They put on perhaps the most famous Christmas show in the country. That's not including the high heels. To create the illusion that they're exactly the same height, the tallest women dance in the middle of the line, and the shorter women stay on the ends. They also wear different length skirts to perpetuate the illusion.


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    Here's how much the iconic Rockettes get paid to do 4 shows a day, change costumes in 78 seconds, and kick up to 1, times. The Rockettes — dancers that perform in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in New York — are contracted by the American Guild of Variety Artists, for.

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    So, how much do Rockettes earn? Although Rockettes only perform seasonally, they earn a decent paycheck during their weeks of employment, between.

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    At $1, weekly, a Rockette would earn $78, annually, if she worked a full week According to a "New York Times" article, many Rockettes . can support themselves on what they earn, and some do quite well.

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    Here's how much Rockettes get paid to kick 1, times a day - Business Insider

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