How to sleep better book

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how to sleep better book

How to Sleep Well: The Science of Sleeping Smarter, Living Better and Being Productive by Neil Stanley

It has never been more important to sleep well.

Stop sabotaging your own sleep and finally wake up energised and refreshed

How to Sleep Well is a guidebook that can change your sleep and help you live your life more fully. Whether you struggle to fall asleep, sleep too lightly, wake too often or simply cannot wake up, this book can help you get on track to sleeping well and living better. It all starts with the science of sleep: how much you really need, what your body does during sleep and the causes behind many common sleep problems. Next, youll identify the things in your life that are disrupting your sleep cycle and learn how to mitigate the impact; whether the pressure of workplace or you simply cannot quiet your own mind, these expert tips and tricks will help you get the sleep you need. Finally, youll learn how to support healthy sleep during the waking hours -- what works with or against your sleep -- and youll learn when the problem might be best dealt with by your GP.

Dont spend another restless night waiting for a bleary, groggy morning and sleepy day. Take control of your sleep tonight!

Learn how sleep -- or a lack thereof -- affects every aspect of your life Identify the root causes of your sleep issues and cut them off at the source Discover the sleep advice that works, and the tips that are just plain daft.
Create a healthy, calming bedtime routine that will help you get the rest you need Sleep affects everything. Work and school performance, relationships, emotional outlook, your appearance and even your health. Sleeping poorly or not sleeping enough can dramatically impact your quality of life, but most sleep problems can be solved with a bit of self-adjustment. How to Sleep Well puts a sleep expert with over 36 years experience at your disposal to help you finally get the restful, restorative sleep you need to live better and be productive.
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Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson (animated book summary) - How To Get Better Sleep

How to Sleep Well: The Science of Sleeping Smarter, Living Better and Being Productive

Sleep is a habit. Habits are created by repeated actions that form a routine. By changing the actions that are a part of your routine, you can over time create new habits. Say good night to insomnia is a 6 week drug free program developed at the Harvard Medical School designed to help you overcome insomnia. In addition to these three parts are four appendices for extra reading should you require them. Each chapter is designed to be implemented each week starting at part two after your initial understanding of sleep, six chapters in all.

As the saying goes, book-lovers never go to bed alone Studies have show that reading can help you sleep better. Of course, the exception being those nights when you stay up all night reading because you just need to know what happens next. Reading is a great workout for your brain. And just like how going on a run makes your body feel good, reading makes gives your brain a healthy boost.

Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. Twenty percent of Americans have a sleep disorder one in four people are afflicted with insomnia; 22 million have sleep apnea , and the average non-disordered sleeper is only getting 6.
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These top reads will help you get the rest that you crave.

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    Have you ever picked up something to read on your way to bed in the hopes that it would help you fall asleep faster?

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    13 Best Books on Sleep You Should Read to Improve Your Bedtime Habits

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    Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to A Better Body, Better this book can help you get on track to sleeping well and living better.

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