How many words are in fahrenheit 451

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how many words are in fahrenheit 451

how many pages are in the book? — Fahrenheit 451 Q&A

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Fahrenheit 451 Vocabulary

Orwell, and Fahrenheit , by Ray Bradbury, the concepts of totalitarianism and censorship are addressed in various ways. Both texts are of dystopian fiction, set in post-nuclear war nations, although they are somewhat of a different nature. Although these are mentioned in both and Fahrenheit , they are. In Fahrenheit , written by Ray Bradbury, authority is viewed as ruthless and the individual is portrayed as innocent. The themes of ruthlessness and innocence are exemplified throughout all three texts, through the concept of the authority and the individual.


Fahrenheit is a dystopian science fiction novel by Ray Bradbury that examines the tension between knowledge and mindless escapism. Bradbury was inspired to write the novel in part because he believed television, then a new medium, was destructive to society.

The average reader will spend 2 hours and 59 minutes reading Fahrenheit at WPM words per minute. View Signet Classics on Reading Length. Look on Amazon. View Fahrenheit on Reading Length. View on Reading Length. Reading Length.

May 3, by Blue. Instead of sleeping, I compiled in an Excel sheet novels I read growing up. More contemporary fiction would require more digging. Average word count of the Great Novels is , words. Median word count is 99, words. By the way, I came up with each book off the top of my head, either by author name or by title.

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