How to say banana in irish

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how to say banana in irish

Batman Arkham: Ras Al Ghul by Various

Like Batman, Ras al Ghul is wealthy and intelligent. Hes also a brilliant strategist and a master martial artist. Unlike Batman, however, hes immortal, and the leader of a deadly and elite warrior alliance known as the League of Assassins.

Over the years, Ras al Ghul has proven to be one of the Dark Knights most dangerous and destructive adversaries. Known worldwide as the Demons Head, he is the only person capable of going toe-to-toe with Batman on every level, mentally and physically. Now, for the first time, the greatest tales of Ras al Ghul and Batman are collected in one amazing anthology.

Featuring the combined talents of Denny ONeil, Greg Rucka, Peter J. Tomasi, Peter Milligan, Neal Adams, Dick Giordano, Michael Golden and Jim Aparo, Batman Arkham: Ras al Ghul collects Batman #232 and #243-244, Batman Annual #26, Batman and Robin #23.3, DC Special Series #15, The Brave and the Bold #159, Detective Comics #750 and Nightwing #152. Also included is a Ras al Ghul profile from Whos Who in the DC Universe #13.
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How to pronounce banana

banana - translation to Irish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic audio pronunciation of translations: See more in New English-Irish Dictionary from Foras na Gaeilge.

Irish Word a Day - Banana - Banana

The word itself presents no etymological conundrum. We know that the fruit was encountered by European explorers investigating the West coast of Africa around the middle of the sixteenth century. Some say the Arabs imported the fruit to Africa from India, and that they named it after their word for a finger. The poor banana has often been a subject of humour. Its shape is risible, its colour ludicrous, and its name, with that repeated syllable, sounds irretrievably childish. A quick look at any good dictionary of slang will show the great range of applications of the word.

Banana boat was a term, a descriptive nickname, given to fast ships also called banana carriers engaged in the banana trade designed to transport easily spoiled bananas rapidly from tropical growing areas to northern markets that often carried passengers as well as fruit. Surplus naval vessels were converted in some cases in the search for speed with Standard Fruit converting four U. Navy destroyer hulls, without machinery, to the banana carriers Masaya , Matagalpa , Tabasco and Teapa in Modern banana boats tend to be reefer ships or other refrigerated ships that carry cooled bananas on one leg of a voyage, then general cargo on the return leg. In modern usage the term has been associated with a derogatory term for immigrants.

Top definition. Banana unknown. Banana, a subscriber of Onision who watches his videos so obsessively they begin to peel their own skin off while cannibalizing themselves to the point of death. Most bananas, aka onision subscribers Wind up dead or in the hospital due to the cancerous effectiveness videos. Onision must be stopped. Guy 1, Is a banana : "Hey, have you heard of Onision? Grey February 13,

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