How short is the shortest model

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how short is the shortest model

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Published 06.04.2019


Before jumping into the careers of the most successful short models, let's point out the concept behind the so-called supermodel phenomenon.

8 Short Models Who Rock(ed) the Runway

Show less Petite modeling is a growing industry. A shorter height should not stand in your way of becoming a model. You have a chance at becoming a model if you are professional, ambitious, and possess a unique look. To begin the process of becoming a petite model, you should analyze your looks, research the industry, have professional photos taken, and finally, find an agency.

Short Runway Models

In a world full of models short models included and insta-celebrities, is there still such a thing as a supermodel? With the fashion industry being so hectic, it is worth taking a minute to just stop and wonder: who is a supermodel?

Think again. The modeling industry has tossed aside its strict height requirements for both male and female models and is now embracing smaller models not to mention models of any size, age, and ethnicity too! Instead of focusing on how tall a model is, modeling agencies are focusing on the whole package: beauty, personality, professionalism, and so much more. Many smaller models the modeling industry prefers to use the term "small" rather than "petite" have found great success in the industry. From swimsuit and lingerie to hand, feet, and parts modeling, here are a few ways to break into the modeling industry, no matter your height. What makes commercial modeling an especially good industry for petite models to get into, aside from the lack of height requirements, is that agencies and brands are a diverse clientele looking for diverse models. When it comes to swimsuit modeling, a fit, curvaceous body is more important than height.


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    27 Most Famous Petite Supermodels in Fashion History | Fashionisers©

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    First Modelling Agency

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    Check out these eight short models who managed to own the runway despite their small stature.

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    From thinner ladies to higher pay, it was Twiggy who set the stage for the modern modelling industry to be built upon.

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