How to tan hides in the wild

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how to tan hides in the wild

How to Tan Animal Hides and How to Make High Quality Buckskin Clothing by Robert Wayne Atkins

This is the book that is mentioned on the Hard Times Survival website.
This book contains complete and detailed instructions on how to skin and butcher a wild animal. It also describes the process of creating delicious smoked meat that has a normal shelf life of approximately one year. The meat can be smoked over a normal fire but instructions and illustrations are also included on how to build a simple efficient smokehouse.
You will then be guided through the entire hide tanning process, step by step.
Next you will be shown how to take specific measurements at exact locations on the human body so you can create your own clothing patterns at home. You will then be shown how to combine your own homemade clothing patterns with your own tanned animal hides so that you can make your own high quality underwear, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, ponchos, caps, and moccasins.
This book also contains instructions on how to make ropes, whips, slings, and arrows. Also included are detailed instructions on how to make parchment, homemade ink, and a feather pen.
In summary, this book will show you how to use almost every part of a wild game animal so that nothing of any real practical value is wasted.
This book uses pictures and hand drawn sketches depending on which one best illustrates the concept being discussed. For example, a neatly drawn sketch of a sewing stitch is far superior to a picture of that same sewing stitch because the hand drawn sketch can show precise details that would not be clearly visible in a picture.
If you are a hunter and you do not currently save and process the hides of the wild game animals that your family eats, then this book will clearly explain how to accomplish this task so that you can begin to strategically use a part of the animals that you have been throwing away.
If you are currently experiencing hard times and you are eating a lot of wild game meat, then this book will explain how to convert the hides of those animals into soft smooth buckskins that can be used to make high quality clothing for your family that will last for many, many years.
In my opinion, every one of the practical skills that are described in this book could be of timeless value to you and to your descendants.
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How to Tan a Deer Hide (Start to Finish)

Long before toxic chemicals and high-tech tanning solutions, our forebears tanned animal hides using the naturally occurring oils in the.
Robert Wayne Atkins

How To Professionally Tan A Pelt

Tanning a hide means converting an animal skin from rawhide to leather. But why bother with tanning? If not properly cured, rawhide will quickly decompose and leave you with a putrid set of moccasins. Once tanned, the hide is water -resistant and more durable. Generally speaking, the major steps of tanning involve removing excess moisture from the animal skin and then replacing it in a process called fat liquoring. Although it may sound like doubling the work, both steps are necessary to preserve the skin and make it wearable. Tanning animal skins has evolved from being a procedure performed by hand to one completed by machines.

How to brain tan a squirrel that you just scraped off the pavement. Or harvested during squirrel hunting season. Our goal here is to turn the hide into a soft and beautiful pelt. One that will not only honor the animal but will bring you enjoyment for years to come. So save those brains!

Step by Step Guide for How to Tan a Hide:

Brain Tanning Deer Hides

Learning to tan hides will eventually be an essential skill that all people will need to learn if they want to survive. Clothes do not last forever especially when you are working in them and doing lots of physical labor. You will need the ability to replace your worn out clothes and furs were used by our ancestors and relearning what they knew about the process is something you will need to master. Our ancestors hunted for food no doubt but the benefits of killing a buffalo or deer did not stop at harvesting the meat. Various body parts were used as pots, hooks, string and of course clothing. Luckily for you, a dead animal comes complete with everything needed to tan the hide. Nothing modern or store bought is necessary.

This is an exciting moment! Using all natural materials and getting a hide velvety soft and pliable is a lot of work. They are imposters. The whole process will take you a few days, so be prepared. It will also be somewhat messy and stinky.

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