How old is chuck close

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how old is chuck close

Chuck Close: Face Book by Chuck Close

Are you into art are reading? If you answered yes then Chuck Close Face book, is a perfect book for you it give you that side of art that you may love. This is a autography type of book that show you (the reader)the artist chuck point of view in art and why he became a artist in the first place.

This story take place in the childhood of chuck close. Chuck close is a about a man telling his life story and why he does what he does, chuck is a artist and all ways wanted to be since he was a little boy now the problem which is also the conflict of his life is that when he was growing up in the 1940s and the 1950s was ditnosted with dyslexia and also had prosopagnosia which is called face blindnesswhich makes you not remember faces or names.Chuck not being able to do go in school not knowing his math or anything is called person vs society because he had to deal with his class mates and his teachers.

I was surprised that the author Chuck was going through a lot of problems but yet he was still able to become a wonderful artist that he is now for example he could not remember faces and what he did was paint faces so he could remember them and I like the way he kind of related everything that he couldnt do but did them with art like he wasnt really good at social studies so when he would have to present he would draw out a time line and paint the stuff that they ate .he would relate the things that he cant do and made it to what he can do and I really like that about Chuck.

One thing I really did not like about the book was that it kinda waited to the last minute to tell you why he would draw people not smiling but then again I kind of liked it because then youre just like youre just reading reading even if its boring or just reading over and over just to get to that one part that you like which is why he didnt paint people smiling and I think thats why he put it at the end but being a kid I want to know that first cuz then Im just like reading it and I want to see it but I really like that the author has that good attention grabber in there.

I give this book a 5 because I like the way goes great details I like the way it gots a good attention grabber that makes me want to continuously read and I like the way that the book was created as an interview with him like everything written in the book was what he had to say and I really like that about the book and I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in art and kind of have that disability and something that you cant do and read this book so then you know that you can relate it to something that you can do and kind of problem solve just like Chuck Close.
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Chuck Close Subway Mosaics Part 1

Chuck Close 1940- Dyslexic Artist

The murals, each 9 feet tall, depict a cross section of New York City cultural icons — Close himself among them, bald and owlish — all rendered in his signature style, photo-based images transposed with meticulous care onto psychedelic grids. Anger welled up within her. In a series of interviews, Fox described an encounter with Close in which she says the artist sexually harassed her. A Yale University graduate student says she had a similar experience. Neither encounter involved physical contact. But both alleged incidents left the women feeling shaken and deceived, and they said they were compelled to share their stories in solidarity with the countless women who have silently endured abuse, harassment and discrimination at the hands of powerful men.

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Chuck Close: A Portrait in Progress

He makes massive-scale photorealist portraits. Close often paints abstract portraits of himself and others, which hang in collections internationally. Close also creates photo portraits using a very large format camera. Even though a catastrophic spinal artery collapse in left him severely paralyzed, he has continued to paint. Chuck Close was born in Monroe, Washington.

He is best known for his large-scale Photo-realist portraits. While teaching at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst —67 , he gradually rejected the elements of Abstract Expressionism that had initially characterized his work. He reproduced and magnified both the mechanical shortcomings of the photograph—blurriness and distortion—and the flaws of the human face: bloodshot eyes, broken capillaries, and enlarged pores. To make his paintings, Close superimposed a grid on the photograph and then transferred a proportional grid to his gigantic canvases. He then applied acrylic paint with an airbrush and scraped off the excess with a razor blade to duplicate the exact shadings of each grid in the photo.

The famous photorealist painter had to overcome many hardships in his life, but not without learning the value of perseverance. Chuck Close, most famous for his large-scale portraits that are divided into grids and painted, has to move around in a wheelchair due to a collapsed spinal artery in his back. Close had trouble remembering names and dates, but worked hard to show success in school. He sat in the front rows, participated frequently, and even would sit in a dark room, shining a flashlight on a page of text and read it out loud until he remembered. But the best way Close got through school was by making art. Despite his dyslexia, Close became successful in his pursuit of art. His parents were supportive of his love for art, which gave him the motivation to work hard.


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