How to find otaku friends

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how to find otaku friends

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Published 07.04.2019

Anime Friends 2017!!!

15 Anime Words That Will Impress Your Otaku Friends

Not sure is this the right forum for this one but; we all know it can be hard to find people that share your interests in the real world especailly when your interests are anime, manga, and cosplay. Its not like they wear signs or have otaku writen on their foreheads, So I've adopted a few creative ways of indentifing fellow fanatics; Like baiting them or creating them. I was wondering if other otaku resort to these tactics, or if they have there own unique or weird way to identify themselves as otaku or ways pick each other out of the crowd. I would sometimes just mention an anime or talk about anime in general and see if I get a reaction. If I do then I continue on, if not, I'll change the subject. I'll just wear an anime t-shirt or put on a anime hat, like my totoro hat. That just signals "otaku anime fan".

First, the talk is remarkably animated, with few of the awkward silences that generally bedevil these gatherings. Secondly, though the language is unmistakably Japanese, a Japanese eavesdropper — if we dare imagine such a thing — might have difficulty following the conversations. Are we oriented now? This is marriage-hunting among the otaku — those who, mostly with pride, shun as much as possible the physical, three-dimensional, living, breathing, sweating world and indulge instead their all-absorbing interest in manga, anime and computer games. Otaku by now are so pervasive they are almost mainstream. The word is understood worldwide. And yet at home, not everyone takes to them.

Aside from anime I like rpg games, lo-fi beats, and Lolita fashion. I don't think anyone is gonna message me but at least I made an attempt. I love to watch anime my top anime is one piece. I also like to watch heartwarming anime like erased or Dororo. I'm just here to meet other people like myself I play the video game i like mostly warframe its a nice game. I also like to work out time to time when i'm free.

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Anime is awesome. You know what makes anime more awesome? Watching it with friends. Your friends think anime is weird and refuse to give it a shot? Read on, and soon you will be able to spread the joy of anime faster and easier than spreading a venereal disease. Why would your friends think THIS is weird? It's just a rifle-wielding teddy bear.

Hey everyone, was wondering how you've made your anime loving friends. I've always loved anime, grew up with it and have some friends that are into it but none of them are really obsessed with anime. You know? I don't live in a very Otherwise I would probably be alone in my hobby.


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