How to comfort crying friend

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how to comfort crying friend

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Published 10.04.2019

How to Comfort Someone Who Is Crying

When you're crying, most of the time, all you need from your friends is a comforting shoulder to cry on and some tissues to mop up all the teardrops spilling out of your eyeballs. We get it, when someone sees you crying, they want to reach out, wrap you in their loving arms, and comfort you.

5 Ways to Comfort a Crying Friend

He had failed to hit the ball again. No crying! You are not a baby! The boy buried his face in his hands, sucking in his breath every few seconds. Suddenly, I was reminded of a communication coaching session I had last week. He explained that in his home growing up, there was little emotion shown or allowed.

We all do it for different reasons, and some of us more than others, but we all know what it feels like to well up and burst out. Many theories abound as to why, exactly, we cry. Some scientists see our bawling as a means of regulating arousal: A little blubbering slows down breathing, prompts us to seek comfort, and relieves stress literally—emotional tears contain high concentrations of stress hormones as well as pain-killing endorphins!
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The most important part is to show that you care. Extend any help that you can and support their needs. Ask a few questions to make sure they feel safe or assess if they need anything. However, do not pressure them to talk to you. It can be difficult to know how to comfort someone who is crying, but staying with the person and asking them what they need can go a long way.

Hugging sometimes may seem a bit embarrassing, but in most cases it's what people actually need when they cry. However, hugging doesn't always work, and it depends on the gender of your friend. Girls can comfort this way their friends, no matter if they are girls, too, or men, while men would rather think of another way of comforting their friend. In this case light tapping on their back is the best thing you can do. Have you ever though, that a crying person doesn't need any advice unless the reason they cry is being at a dead-end , they need to talk.

Show less There probably has been, and will be, a time in your life when a friend comes to you upset over something that has happened to them. Maybe they ended a romantic relationship, lost their job, lost a loved one, etc. Regardless of the situation, you will want to be a good friend and support them. To comfort an upset friend, first let them cry or yell so they can safely release tension and work through their feelings. Categories: Supporting Friends. There are 6 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.


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