How many years did gerald ford serve as president

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how many years did gerald ford serve as president

Gerald R. Ford (The American Presidents, #38) by Douglas Brinkley

The accidental president whose innate decency and steady hand restored the presidency after its greatest crisis

When Gerald R. Ford entered the White House in August 1974, he inherited a presidency tarnished by the Watergate scandal, the economy was in a recession, the Vietnam War was drawing to a close, and he had taken office without having been elected. Most observers gave him little chance of success, especially after he pardoned Richard Nixon just a month into his presidency, an action that outraged many Americans, but which Ford thought was necessary to move the nation forward.
Many people today think of Ford as a man who stumbled a lot--clumsy on his feet and in politics--but acclaimed historian Douglas Brinkley shows him to be a man of independent thought and conscience, who never allowed party loyalty to prevail over his sense of right and wrong. As a young congressman, he stood up to the isolationists in the Republican leadership, promoting a vigorous role for America in the world. Later, as House minority leader and as president, he challenged the right wing of his party, refusing to bend to their vision of confrontation with the Communist world. And after the fall of Saigon, Ford also overruled his advisers by allowing Vietnamese refugees to enter the United States, arguing that to do so was the humane thing to do.
Brinkley draws on exclusive interviews with Ford and on previously unpublished documents (including a remarkable correspondence between Ford and Nixon stretching over four decades), fashioning a masterful reassessment of Gerald R. Fords presidency and his underappreciated legacy to the nation.
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Gerald Ford, the president America needed post-Watergate

Gerald Ford: President of the United States, 1974-1977

Republican Gerald R. Ford became the 38th President of the United States during a period of turmoil in the White House and mistrust in government. Ford was serving as the Vice President of the U. Nixon resigned from office, placing Ford in the unique position of being the first Vice President and President never elected. Gerald R.

Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr. Before his accession to the presidency, Ford served as the 40th vice president of the United States from December to August Ford is the only person to have served as both vice president and president without being elected to either office by the Electoral College. After the attack on Pearl Harbor , he enlisted in the U. Naval Reserve , serving from to ; he left as a lieutenant commander. Ford began his political career in as the U.

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His mother, Dorothy Ayer Gardner, soon divorced the boy's father—a wife-beating alcoholic—and moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan. There she met Gerald Rudolph Ford, the owner of a paint store, and married him in Dorothy called her son "Junie," which soon became "Jerry" out of affection for the boy's new father-figure. Leslie King, Jr. He often recalled his mother and her second husband with much affection, admiration, and love. The young Ford graduated in from South High School, where he excelled in history and government.


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