How to push her emotional hot buttons

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how to push her emotional hot buttons

Hot Buttons: How To Resolve Conflict And Cool Everyone Down by Sybil Evans

Road rage. Air rage. Cell phone rage. And, yes, even Starbucks rage.

We live in angry times, says Hot Buttons author Sybil Evans, and she should know. As one of Americas leading experts on conflict resolution, Evans has worked with everyone from corporations the size of AT&T to the United States Tennis Association to couples on the brink of divorce. So whats the source of our growing hostility? Hot buttons.

A hot button, Evans writes, is an emotional trigger. Your hot buttons get pushed when people call you names, dont respond to you, take what belongs to you, challenge your competence, dont respect you, give you unsolicited advice, dont appreciate you, are condescending... and the list goes on. In Hot Buttons: How to Resolve Conflict and Cool Everyone Down, Evans and coauthor Sherry Suib Cohen claim that by recognizing what pushes your hot buttons--and by learning how not to push the hot buttons of others--conflicts can be avoided. Even more important is the ability to turn them off once they have been pushed. The book begins with a five-step formula for doing this: watch the play, confirm, get more information, assert your own interests and needs, and find common ground for a solution. Once the authors have explained how to achieve each step, they cover just about every conceivable conflict under the sun and how to employ the five steps in each case. Added to the mix are a number of self-quizzes for identifying what sets you off and dozens of catchy quotes, termed Hot-Button Hints, such as When anger rises, think of the consequences (Confucius).

One of the books more interesting chapters deals with how hot buttons can be hazardous to your health. Other chapters include discussions of hot buttons and intimacy, the family, children, friendship, and the workplace. Evanss expertise is apparent throughout, though she does get repetitive, particularly when driving home her points with what seems like an endless supply of personal anecdotes from those shes worked with over the years. Still, among all the examples, readers will find fresh, creative ideas for quelling rages large and small. --Patrick Jennings

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Tapping Into Emotional Hot Buttons

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