How to dry stone wall

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how to dry stone wall

A Guide to Dry Stone Walling by Andy Radford

Dry stone walling is one of the oldest country crafts. These structures form one of the most striking features of the rural landscape, whether meandering through a field or gracing a home. In this hands-on guide, landscaper Andy Radford explores the history of dry stone walls and explains how and why they were originally built. He also offers step-by-step instruction, enhanced with explanatory photos and diagrams, showing you how to build or repair a wall, whether a hillside boundary or a garden feature. The book’s contents include finding suitable stone; tools of the trade; basic walling techniques; building or repairing a curved wall; walling on slopes; and gapping, retaining walls, and variations. Andy Radford has been building dry stone walls for nearly two decades; he is a consultant, designer, and contractor and runs his own landscaping business in Wales.
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A Bit More Dry Stone Walling, ( A very tedious job !! )

How to build a dry stone wall

Watch a beginner and you can tell within two minutes if they've got a knack for it, says Richard Ingles. It takes a certain kind of eye-brain co-ordination, dry stone walling: you need to be able to look at a stone and know straight away whether it's the one you want. After that, it's mostly a question of doing the job: there are courses to go on, and after three years you should be able to go out on your own and make a living. To build a wall, you first mark out your base line, then mount a wooden A-frame corresponding to the shape of the finished wall — always wider at the bottom than the top — at each end. You stretch lengths of string between the frames to act as guidelines, and a plumb bob ensures the wall stays vertical.

A well-laid drystone wall is truly a thing of beauty. Sort your stones into piles of large, medium and small stones. We are on the boundary between the Dark Peak and White Peak areas of the Peak District, so we work with gritstone and limestone.
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What is a dry stone wall?

Understanding Proper Dry Laid Stone Techniques - Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site PA - HPTC

This handbook describes how to construct and repair dry stone walls, stone-faced earth banks, retaining walls and other dry stone features. It is intended to be used by conservation volunteers and others interested in learning the skills of dry stone walling. It contains everything you need to know about dry stone walling - the history of walls in the countryside, how to build or restore a dry stone wall, as well as their conservation value. Loads of information about dry stone wall styles and features across the UK and Ireland, and much more. Building with dry stone is one of the earliest skills developed by people, used for building shelters, fortifications, burial mounds, ceremonial structures and animal enclosures.

Dry stone walls have been created for thousands of years and, if done well, will look as if they have been in place for at least that long. Yet anyone can learn how to lay a dry stone wall, insists Richard Ingles , a master craftsman who has built these structures in the UK for more than four decades. Is a dry stone wall the right element for your landscape? Read on for everything you need to know:. As the name suggests, these walls are made of nothing more than dry stone. There is no mortar and the structure is made strong and stable with nothing but the careful placement of stones.


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    An easy-to-understand explanation of how dry-stone walls are built and some of their advantages and disadvantages.

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    Building with dry stone is one of the earliest skills developed by humans.

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