How old is ron hamilton

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how old is ron hamilton

Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

...the world was wide enough for Hamilton and me. -Burr

This book is utterly exhaustive in its scope. Dry and dull in a few places, exhilarating and taut and heartbreaking in others. This feels like a life done justice, although I am also curious about the biography that Eliza started and her son finished after she was gone. I loved the framing with Eliza in the prologue and epilogue. Loved piecing together where the book and musical met, loved the bits where they diverged. Loved stumbling upon the actual historical lines from letters and writings that made it into the musicals brilliant score. Shout out to Scott Brick for bringing this book to life for my ears the way few could.

I am so tired. It is so long. I want to see Hamilton. -Eliza
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Always the Same - Hamilton Family

Ron Hamilton

But he lost his eye to cancer in and children began to see him as a pirate, so he became one and sold a boatload of records. The next blow would be tougher. The winds will carry them and the family trusts this latest test will only make them stronger. Anchored in a Greenville strip mall, the Hamilton family runs a sheet music store, Majesty Music. He worked with his father-in-law, who operated Majesty Music. After the surgery, kids saw Ron Hamilton at churches and began calling him a pirate because of the patch.

Connect your Spotify account to your Last. Connect to Spotify. A new version of Last. When Ron Hamilton was 27 years old, the eye doctor discovered something in his left eye that worried him. After several weeks of testing, he was rolled into the operating room, not knowing what the outcome would be. As Ron slowly regained consciousness after surgery, his wife gave him the startling news that the doctor had found cancer and had had to remove his left eye. The doctor gave him his first patch, and suddenly, Ron was a pirate!

Becoming Patch the Pirate

Ronald Allen "Ron" Hamilton born November 9, , also known as " Patch the Pirate " is a Christian singer , songwriter , composer , preacher , voice actor, and personality., For many, Ron Hamilton—also known as Patch the Pirate—is a hallmark of their childhood. His cheery disposition and catchy tunes can be recognized anytime, anywhere.

Patch the Pirate is an Evangelical Christian series of character-building, comical, and musical recordings for children produced by Majesty Music. Patch the Pirate is played by Ron "Patch" Hamilton , who is a popular Christian singer , songwriter , composer , evangelist , and personality. The Patch the Pirate Radio Program is recognized by the National Religious Broadcasters as the third largest religious children's programming outreach. In , doctors discovered cancer in Ron Hamilton's left eye resulting in the loss of the eye. Wherever Ron went wearing the patch, children would point at him and call him a pirate.

Ronald Allen Hamilton , known as Ron Hamilton born November 9, , [1] is a Christian hymn writer, composer, singer, and voice actor. Unexpectedly, Hamilton became known as "Patch the Pirate" because of the black eye patch which he first wore in after cancer claimed his left eye. A native of Indiana , Hamilton learned as a child to play the guitar , the piano , and the trombone. His Patch the Pirate Adventures are broadcast on radio and are the third largest religious program geared toward children. He has also produced cantatas for Christmas and Easter. In , he announced that he has early onset dementia. Hamiltion said that he will continue his work as long as he is able.



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