Are guinea pigs good classroom pets

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are guinea pigs good classroom pets

Guinea Pigs Add Up by Margery Cuyler

In bouncy, appealing rhyme, young readers are introduced to a classroom with a hairy problem-guinea pigs that keep adding and adding! From one lonely guinea pig to two to five and all the way up to twenty, the kids find that having a classroom pet is more than they bargained for. Finally, each student gets to take a guinea pig home, until they are left with zero. That is, until Mr. Gilbert brings in a rabbit with a growing belly . . . !

From master storyteller Margery Cuyler and with energetic illustrations from Tracey Campbell Pearson, Guinea Pigs Add Up is perfect for budding mathematicians-or anyone with a love for unruly animals.
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Guinea Pig Noises & What They Mean

Guinea Pigs at Home and in the Classroom

How about a guinea pig? March is Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig month, so what better time to get a new pet and also help save a life? Guinea pigs have always been one of the exotic pets I recommend most, especially for families considering a pet for the first time. Why are guinea pigs one of my favorites? Here are 10 reasons guinea pigs make great pets:.

Clean hands are a part of guinea pig playtime. Before cuddling your guinea pig — and right after — hand washing is a must. Guinea pigs like it when you pick them up with both hands. Place one hand under their hind legs and use your other hand to support their body weight. Keep your grip firm and hold your guinea pigs close, so they feel safe and secure and to stop any squirming or falling.

For teachers interested in the lessons that a classroom pet can help teach, but wary of the responsibility involved, there are great alternatives. If you decide to acquire a permanent classroom pet, we encourage you to adopt rather than purchase an animal from a pet store. Adoption promotes the philosophy that animals are a lifelong commitment, rather than a disposable commodity. For guidelines on the life expectancies of classroom pets, see the list below. Regular maintenance includes keeping cages and tanks clean and providing fresh food and drinking water.

Other Classroom Pet Considerations

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  1. Maria S. says:

    After five years of teaching and five years of great hesitation with this subject , this is my first year hosting a class pet in my 5th grade classroom.

  2. Amy C. says:

    I love animals and a friend of a friend is trying to give away her guinea pigs because of a growing family and not enough time.

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