Metallica kill em all album

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metallica kill em all album

Metallica - Kill em All by Metallica

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Metallica - Kill 'Em All [Full Album]

Kill 'Em All is the debut studio album by the American heavy metal band Metallica , released on July 25, , by the independent record label Megaforce.

36 Years Ago, Metallica Brought the Thrash on Kill ‘Em All

It stands as one of the earliest documents of thrash metal, a pivotal album that explored artistic extremes and set the foundational archetypes of thrash as a sound, image, and lifestyle. Ironically, that was meant to be the original title for the album, but the label execs decided it was too profane for the sensitive tastes of American consumers and suggested the band change it. That is metal. And there are so many moments on the album that warrant that remark. He brought the thrash to Metallica. When Mustaine showed up, the riffs came with him. As a guitarist and songwriter, Mustaine transformed Metallica into a tornadic speed band.

Kill 'Em All

The true birth of thrash. James Hetfield 's highly technical rhythm guitar style drives most of the album, setting new standards of power, precision, and stamina. - Because of tensions with Mustaine, McGovney left the band.

Posted by Robert Pasbani on July 25, at pm. On this day, thirty five years ago, July 25, , Metallica's Kill 'Em All was released to an unsuspecting public, not knowing that this band would become the biggest metal band, and one of the all-time best-selling musical acts in history. Let's take a look at ten fun facts about the album that you may or may not know:. Metallica did not give a fuck in , and were walking around LA like they owned the place. The artwork would feature a hand sticking out of a toilet clutching a dagger. The band's label, Megaforce urged them to change it, after distributors and international labels refused to put out the obscene cover. The design eventually became an iconic Metallica t-shirt.

While it upped the ante on the precision, rage and songwriting of bands like Venom and Diamond Head , it was a record that, from the start, was ruled by compromise and control. Metallica wanted to call the album Metal Up Your Ass , but when Important, the distribution outlet of their label, Megaforce, balked, they were forced to change the name. F--k those f--kers! And the album title was born. Zazula booked Metallica to record the album at Music America Recording Studio, and used staff producer Paul Curcio, who had previously worked with the Doobie Brothers in Chris Bubacz, who had engineered the hard rock band The Rods, was also on board. Fortunately for Metallica, they knew what they wanted, and had practiced for weeks on end at The Music Building in Queens, where they lived while they were in New York.

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