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quiet by susan cain sparknotes

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Quiet Summary

The author discusses her view that introverts are highly undervalued, particularly in leadership positions. Her perspective originates from her own self-proclaimed status as an introvert and her experiences in the workplace. A common perception does exist that extroverts are the most effective communicators, and thus, make the best leaders Bradley and Hebert, Research studies throughout time have consistently reaffirmed the belief that extroverts are more likely to emerge as leaders, and are more likely to be perceived as effective Grant et al. Cain looks to dispel that belief and make an argument for the importance of introverts as leaders. This book is a great read for introverted individuals aspiring to become leaders, and for organizations seeking knowledge on how to provide a conducive environment in which introverted leaders can be successful. This work has important implications for many fields that are heavily dependent upon good leaders, as great emphasis has traditionally been placed on the importance of extraverted characteristics for leadership success.

Read in: 4 minutes Favorite quote from the author:. Here goes another book by a top TED speaker. The reason is that her book and talk made a lot of people feel heard for the first time. In the seven years of research leading up to the publication of Quiet in , Susan uncovered the slow rise of the extrovert ideal in the public and American workplace. This helped her understand where a lot of her personal struggles as a Harvard Law School graduate and Wall Street lawyer came from, and why she could never have thrived in these environments. Her book is a well of wisdom about personality types, workplace relationships and human interaction. If you want to save this summary for later, download the free PDF and read it whenever you want.

Susan Cain opens Quiet with the story of Rosa Parks.
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Being the quieter, more reserved type, introverts are not as inclined as others to broadcast just who they are and what makes them tick, much less honk their own horns. However, given that Western culture has increasingly pushed introverts aside, and is intent on celebrating their opposite, it is high time that introverts stepped out of character, made themselves heard, and proclaimed to the world that they have much to offer indeed. While Western culture has a long history of favoring the extrovert, Cain argues that this bias has steepened since the industrial revolution, and particularly in the past century as the West has become ever-more urbanized and commercial. Over the course of this time-frame, Cain argues, a Culture of Personality, perhaps best represented by the motivational guru Tony Robbins, has come to replace a Culture of Character, best represented by such figures as Abraham Lincoln. Rather, her argument is that the latter have an important role to play in many areas of society that is now often being overlooked.


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