Taiyou no ie episode 1

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taiyou no ie episode 1

たいようのいえ 4 [Taiyou no Ie 4] by Taamo

This is an interesting volume, and the romance pace is interesting as well.

I mean its not too fast, and its not taking that much time (so far). Most of the crushes/love interests are already established when we get into the story, but we keep seeing how the other side of the crush is reacting and how its taking them a long time to notice and the agony the person in love goes through. Also, besides the main relationship, the secondary relationships are taking the same approach.

Also besides the relationships drama, there is more family drama, so its definitely interesting!
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Manga Monday's -Ep.1- Taiyou no Ie

The miserable girl Motomiya has no place to belong to after being Other names , Taiyou no Ie, たいようのいえ, بيت الشمس, 太阳之家, 太陽之家, Vol Extra Chapter 1: Love Field Report, Aug 30, , more_horiz . Ano Ko to Boku no Ie.

Taiyou No Ie Chapter 1

The latest chapters that I read online in English scanlations, chapters 43 and 44, hinted the end of the manga. The first conflict in the story is between Mao and her biological family, more specifically her father. Her father is similarly in bad terms with her. Yes, it is! Secondly, Mao has finally won the inner battle with herself. The storytelling convinced me in the beginning that she was an originally awkward and shy character though she may still be one.

Lost and found and lost… [bonus randomized banners]

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