Van gogh flowers in vase

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van gogh flowers in vase

Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, by Van Gogh by Douglas Smith

Aurora Award Finalist story from a multi-award winning author

Doug Smith is, quite simply, the finest short-story writer Canada has ever produced in the science fiction and fantasy genres, and hes also the most prolific. His stories are a treasure trove of riches that will touch your heart while making you think.
—Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Hominids and FlashForward

A great storyteller with a gifted and individual voice.
—Charles de Lint

One of Canadas most original writers of speculative fiction.
—Library Journal

Maroch, an expert in remote viewing and an ex-agent of the ‘Company, reluctantly agrees to coach a beautiful young woman “viewer,” who bears an uncanny resemblance to his dead wife, in a scheme to locate lost paintings by Vincent van Gogh, setting off a chain of events that may alter the past and destroy both their lives.

One of the best and most moving novellas I have read. Haunting and evocative... Just astounding.
—Fantasy Book Critic

An important story, a story that matters, and I hope that many, many people will read it. ... A beautifully written, brilliantly crafted story in which Smith raises the bar even higher than his previous works. Dougs characteristic vivid settings and compelling characters are present, driven, as always, by love, and by a mystery which keeps the pages turning as the reader is drawn ever deeper. ... Dont miss this one!
—Rainbow Dragon Recommends

The revolution of themes and words is very fluid throughout this story, making the pace almost rhythmic, drawing you along... The ending is a perfect resolution of the paradox of backward time travel.
—SF Crowsnest Book Reviews

Right up to the story’s surprising conclusion, Smith keeps his readers guessing ... It’s an ending that shouldn’t work but somehow does, and it’s a testament to the writer’s skill that their fate seems entirely fitting.
—The Fix

[A story that] follows two paths...a love affair that hits the rocks of the characters messed-up pasts, and a scary new wrinkle on [remote viewing].

Doug is an award-winning author of speculative fiction, with over a million words of fiction sold and over a hundred short story sales to professional markets in thirty countries and two dozen languages.

He has published three short story collections: Chimerascope (ChiZine Publications, Canada, 2010), Impossibilia, (PS Publishing, UK, 2008), and just recently, La Danse des Esprits (Dreampress, France, 2011).

Doug has twice won Canadas Aurora Award for speculative fiction, and have been a finalist for the international John W. Campbell Award, the Canadian Broadcast Corporations Bookies Award, and the juried Sunburst Award.
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Reproduction of "Vase with Fourteen Sunflowers", 1888 by Vincent van Gogh - oil painting

Still Life - Vase with Twelve Sunflowers

Some of Vincent van Gogh's most famous works are his Sunflower series. He painted a total of twelve of these canvases, although the most commonly referred to are the seven he painted while in Arles in - The other five he had painted previously while in Paris in There are many pieces within this series of paintings each is clearly identifiable as a Van Gogh work in which there are only minor differences that separate them. The overall layout of the painting along with positioning of the actual sunflowers usually remains the same in the similar paintings.

During the ten years that Vincent van Gogh painted, he depicted many different genres; portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. Some of those still lifes were of bottles, chairs, shoes, or famously, flowers.
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Still Life: Vase with Twelve Sunflowers. Details Oil on canvas Previous painting Next painting. In August, Vincent van Gogh began painting a series of works which, as Dr. Jan Hulsker suggests "perhaps more than any other of his paintings, have made him known throughout the world. They are often the only works with which he is identified. Van Gogh envisioned his sunflower works as a series and worked diligently on them in anticipation of the arrival in Arles of his friend, Paul Gauguin.

The painting reflects the optimism Van Gogh felt at that time about his future, both in his choice of flowers as a subject and the colors used. About the time that Van Gogh painted this work, he wrote to his mother, "But for one's health, as you say, it is very necessary to work in the garden and see the flowers growing. Great bouquets of flowers, violet-colored irises, great bouquets of roses. While it is not believed that Van Gogh has a specific association for roses, the National Gallery of Art NGA asserts, "it is clear, though, that he saw all blossoming plants as celebrations of birth and renewal—as full of life. That sense is underscored here by the fresh green of the background, which has the delicate color of new leaves in spring.

His sunflowers are the most famous floral pictures in art. But Vincent van Gogh painted many, many other flowers. Still Life: Vase with Fourteen Sunflowers one of the series of instantly-recognisable sunflower paintings. This one is at the National Gallery, London. He could hardly have been better employed: it is hard to imagine that he would have got very far as a figure painter, but his studies of flowers liberated him to explore the world of colours from which he would create his greatest work. First Vincent had to free himself from the muddy palette that had characterised his earliest works, such as the famous Potato Eaters. When he moved to Paris in the mids, Theo urged him to paint in brighter, stronger colours, and flower painting enabled him to do this.


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