Life hacks how to get something out of your eye

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life hacks how to get something out of your eye

The Little Book of Life Hacks: How to Make Your Life Happier, Healthier, and More Beautiful by Yumi Sakugawa

A modern-day survival guide, Yumis incredibly charming artwork and insights are endlessly engaging. An absolute gem of a book! -Keiko Agena, award-winning actress on Gilmore Girls, Shameless, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Author, illustrator and comic book artist Yumi Sakugawa shares a wide range of useful and unexpected tips for looking and feeling better, streamlining and improving your home life, and creating fun and artsy DIY projects that can brighten your living space. Inspired by her popular “Secret Yumiverse” tips originally posted on, The Little Book of Life Hacks offers a wide range of practical advice and fun tips for everything from how to:

- Remove dark circles from under your eyes
- Make cold brew iced coffee at home
- Throw the perfect apartment party on a budget
- Work out at home without a gym membership
- Take the perfect afternoon power nap...and more!

Featuring Yumi’s signature hand-drawn illustrations throughout, The Little Book of Life Hacks is a distinctive and perfect gift for recent graduates and young working women who want to learn practical ways to organize and improve their daily life while still having fun.
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If you have a computer-based job like me, you know all-too-well that it is difficult to take blinking breaks. This has a double effect. Less stress is good.
Yumi Sakugawa

The six simple eye make-up hacks you didn't know you needed

There's nothing I love more than a new make-up hack to make my life easier when applying a full face. Here are six eye-specific hacks that I use pretty much every time I do an 'out out' eye make-up look. If you're going mad with the eye make-up, I'd recommend doing the shadow before you start your base, so as not to completely wreck it. Who says you have to use one mascara to do every part of your lashes? I mix it up - I use a lengthening one for my first coat, amp it up with a volumising one for my second coat, and I use a really fine, waterproof one for my lower lashes so if my eyes water reader, if I cry there's no evidence on my face.

Fill up a bowl big enough for your face with water and open your eyes in it. This book is filled with just about everything you can imagine. There are fun projects to do, tips on living healthier and more organized, and plenty of advice on living life to the fullest. Image via co. As for the reason why your vision is clear, well, that's due to the lens. If the lens works adequately, all of the spread out light entering your eye is captured in one place, giving you a clear image of what you're looking at. By consciously focusing on something, whether it's directly before you as the driver or out on the horizon, you can trick our equilibrium into thinking all is well

Dry eyes are a common problem.
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Cliradex Towelettes

Oddly Satisfying Video - The Perfection Delights Your Eyes

Use it on your brow bone which will lift your brow , on the inner corners of your eyes to open them up, and on the very center of the lid to make your eyes pop. Use concealer on the inner corner and outer corners, which are areas that tend to look darker. By adding light to these areas, you bring the eyes forward and emphasize their size. Check out our guide to choosing the right lashes here. Tag a friend who would want to do this! You can also get a lash-lift at your local salon, which is a semi-permanent beauty treatment that adds an insane curl to your lashes for around six weeks.

Curing yourself of common complaints such as bad breath and frizzy hair doesn't have to be expensive. The answers might already be in your cupboards. So if you have an outbreak of pimples, bad breath or frizzy hair to contend with, you should think twice before heading to the pharmacy or supermarket. It's amazing what you can do with everyday items, a little bit of ingenuity and imagination How it works : Mix one teaspoon of honey with a mashed banana and apply as a face mask. Leave it on for 15 minutes before washing off with warm water.


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