The life of meriwether lewis

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the life of meriwether lewis

Meriwether Lewis (Author of The Journals of Lewis and Clark)

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Book T: Kira Gale "The Death of Meriwether Lewis"

The Mysterious Death of Meriwether Lewis

Meriwether Lewis , born Aug. He later served as governor of Upper Louisiana Territory. His mother then married John Marks and relocated her family to Georgia before being widowed again by He joined the Virginia militia in to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania. In President Jefferson asked Lewis to be his personal secretary and aide-de-camp. In Jefferson appointed Lewis commander of an expedition to explore the American territory newly acquired in the Louisiana Purchase.

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His family boasted many decorated soldiers, including his father, William Lewis. His mother, Lucy Meriwether was his father's cousin. She was also a skilled cook and herbalist whose generous and charismatic nature was known throughout the region. The Lewis and Meriwether families were among the first to settle in the region, and as such, had a long standing connection to and deep friendship with the Jeffersons, among other established Virginia families. Thomas Jefferson knew Meriwether Lewis for the latter's entire life.


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