Garden of life company history

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garden of life company history

In the Garden of Iden (The Company, #1) by Kage Baker

This is the first novel in what has become one of the most popular series in contemporary SF, now back in print from Tor. In the 24th century, the Company preserves works of art and extinct forms of life (for profit of course). It recruits orphans from the past, renders them all but immortal, and trains them to serve the Company, Dr. Zeus. One of these is Mendoza the botanist. She is sent to Elizabethan England to collect samples from the garden of Sir Walter Iden.
But while there, she meets Nicholas Harpole, with whom she falls in love. And that love sounds great bells of change that will echo down the centuries, and through the succeeding novels of The Company.
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Garden of Life, Inc. Rubin, have been ordered to stop claiming that their dietary supplements are effective against a long list of ailments, ranging from colds to cancer. Rubin claims to have cured himself of "intestinal parasites, severe Candida, extreme anemia, food allergies, diabetes, excruciating abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, poor circulation, liver problems, chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, insomnia, hair loss, prostate and bladder infections, irregular heartbeat, eye inflammation, and chronic depression. Rubin's press materials state that he has degrees in naturopathic medicine and nutrition and is certified as a nutritional consultant [4]. However, none of his "credentials" have any legitimate academic or professional standing:.

This is Jordan Rubin at almost 20 years old when he stood six-foot, one-inch tall at a weight that had fallen to pounds. Having been at death's door and just released from the hospital, here he remained exceedingly ill with Crohn's disease. A year and some months later, here is Jordan Rubin at age 21 with a weight gain to pounds. Here we see him free of all medications for a full year. Jordan Rubin founded Garden of Life, Inc. When both conventional and alternative medicines failed and left him wheelchair bound at death's door, he took matters into his own hands. Today, he credits his survival and vibrant health to an enduring faith in God and a revolutionary health program he calls " The Maker's Diet".

We hate those synthetic chemicals that most companies use to make their products. This stuff makes machines work faster, and helps factories churn out.
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It was announced today on their Facebook page, that Garden of Life has been bought by Nestle. Garden of Life claims that they have spent a lot of time getting to know Nestle and their vision and values. They say that they have no plans to be changed by Nestle, in what they do or what they stand for. Bringing more vegan options to the mainstream audiences. Garden of Life started looking at their future and the growth of the company and realized that they could not do it on their own. In order for them to provide more people with high-quality, meaningful products at affordable prices they needed the help and expertise of a large worldwide corporation.


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