Need to sort my life out

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need to sort my life out

Sort Your Life Out: A 21-Day Programme to Help You Create the Life You Want by Pete Cohen

Let Pete Cohen become your personal life coach and show you how to get your life sorted once and for all with his 21-day programme to help you tackle the different problem areas which may be troubling you. He covers the areas in our lives that cause us all anxiety and stress from time to time, whether it is body image and weight loss, confidence and self-esteem, time-management, stress and anxiety, relationships or just bad habits. This book will provide you with the tools to help you increase your happiness and wellbeing and fulfil your full potential.

The book contains questionnaires, exercises and case studies to inspire you and help you to create the life you want.
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Published 26.04.2019

SORTING MY LIFE OUT! - AD - Hello October

How I sorted my life out…

Please refresh the page and retry. Y our twenties are supposed to be about falling head over heels in love: not just with the wrong guy, but with yourself, a career and foreign cities all over the world. Yet, none of these things stop us from behaving like children. We yearn for responsibility and financial independence. Most of us millennials would like to be fully functioning adults, but feel utterly disenchanted. S o what can be done?

I am a certified stress-head. Okay, by 'certified' I mean I have a fridge magnet that says 'calm down, stress-head' which is proof enough for me. When I'm anxious or worried my heart race rockets and I get disgusting sweaty palms that guarantee a really important sort is going to march in and demand to shake my hand. I'm also the Queen of procrastination and when I'm worrying about things I can't sleep. At all.

There is power in that thought, though. Yes, I know you have heard it all before. But seriously if you really want your life to be different, take a break from the booze. One year is best, but any time out is good. Do you really know who you are? What you want? What makes you tick?


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    In my life, September is the month I most look forward to.

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    It is easy to become overwhelmed with everything our culture expects of us.

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    I distinctly remember a moment from the last large family gathering I was at which has burned itself into my mind.

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    How I sorted my life out - Henpicked

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    How To Sort Your Life Out: 8 No-BS Tips - SHE'SAID'

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