My life is an experiment

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my life is an experiment

The Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life as an Experiment by A.J. Jacobs

For his first book, The Know-It-All, A. J. Jacobs read the entire Encyclopædia Britannica from cover to cover in a quest to learn everything in the world. In The Year of Living Biblically, he followed every single rule of the Bible -- from the Ten Commandments right on down to stoning adulterers.

Now comes a collection of his most hilarious and thought-provoking experiments yet. In his role as human guinea pig, Jacobs fearlessly takes on a series of life-altering challenges that provides readers with equal parts insight and humor. (And which drives A.J.s patient wife, Julie, to the brink of insanity.)

Among the many adventures:

• He outsources his life. A.J. hires a team of people in Bangalore, India, to take care of everything in his life from answering his e-mails to arguing with his spouse.
• He spends a month practicing Radical Honesty -- a movement that encourages us to remove the filters between our brains and mouths. (To give you an idea of what happened, the name of the chapter is I Think Youre Fat.)
• He goes to the Academy Awards disguised as a movie star to understand the strange and warping effects of fame.
• He commits himself to ultimate rationality, using cutting-edge science to make the best decisions possible. It changes the way he makes choices big and small, from what to buy at the grocery store to how to talk to his kids. And his revelations will change how you make decisions, too.
• He attempts to follow George Washingtons rules of life, uncovering surprising truths about leadership and politics in the twenty-first century. He also spends a lot of time bowing and doffing his hat.
• And then theres the month when he followed his wifes every whim -- foot massages, Kate Hudson movies, and all. Depending on your point of view, its either the best or worst idea in the history of American marriage.
A mix of Bill Bryson, George Plimpton, and Malcolm Gladwell, A.J. explores the big issues of our time -- happiness, dating, morality, marriage -- by immersing himself in eye-opening situations. Youll be entertained by these stories -- some of which are new, some of which had their start in Esquire magazine. But youll also learn to look at life in new ways.

The Guinea Pig Diaries is a book packed with both laughs and enlightenment -- and thats a promise we can make with Radical Honesty.
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What's the Meaning of Life? (Social Experiment)

One man. Ten extraordinary quests. Bestselling author and human guinea pig A.
A.J. Jacobs

'My Life as an Experiment' Documents the Hilarious Trials of the 'Human Guinea Pig'

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The first thing you need to know: this book is hilarious. That might be the last thing you need to know, too. But if you want details, here are some: A. Jacobs writes regularly for Esquire. He incorporates madcap ideas in his professional and personal life. His descriptions of these trials—usually lasting about a month—are witty and entertaining. Moreover, his experiences as a "human guinea pig" offer serious food for thought, as well.

My Life as an Experiment: One Man's Humble Quest to Improve Himself by Living as a Woman, Becoming George Washington, Telling No Lies, and Other.
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On a mission to improve every aspect of my life — from love to work to happiness — I became a human guinea pig. I immersed myself in a series of radical lifestyle experiments. I changed the way I thought, talked and looked. I followed old wisdom and new science. I saw the world from the eyes of a woman.


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