Living a life of honor

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living a life of honor

Living with Dignity, Honor and Respect Quotes by Heidi Stingl Adams

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Published 26.04.2019

Living a Life of Purpose with Poise, Honor & Honesty

Living a Life That Honors God

Live With Honor. Live with Honor. To live with honor means to strive to do your best in all aspects of your life. It means living with courage, integrity, purpose, and dignity. Above all, to live with honor means pursue excellence in all that you do, and ultimately, to make the most of your life and time in this world.

When the time comes for each of us to pass from this life, will we feel confident that our life was filled with goodness and love? Will we be able to look back and know we lived a life that honored God? Will He be pleased with our efforts? Our Heavenly Father wants us to return to Him clean and pure, and He provided a way for us to do that—through His Son. The way we think affects the way we live. Learning to be positive, optimistic, and discerning in the way we think affects every aspect of our lives.

Parents Exemplifying Honorable Lives Exodus Ephesians Jim Davis A wealthy widower deeded all his property to his only son and daughter-in-law on the condition that he would be allowed to live in the country with them for the rest of his life. After a few years, when the inheritance had been spent, the daughter- in-law got tired of having the elderly gentleman around and told her husband he would have to leave.
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An Honorable Life

One hundred years ago, at the 11 th hour on the 11 th day of the 11 th month the Allies of World War 1 and Germany signed an agreement Armistice to cease all hostilities. The enduring symbol—a red poppy, represents the sacrifice of all who serve in the armed forces, past and present, and the honor bestowed on them. Not surprisingly, in most countries the highest military award relates to honor. Honor is therefore a way of life. As a Biblical principle, you cannot live an honorable life without first honoring God. You honor God through your reverence, obedience and fear of displeasing Him. While on earth, Jesus grew in honor, was the epitome of obedience to God and transformed many lives.


  1. Kate B. says:

    Tell me, what else should I have done?

  2. Heloise Q. says:

    But there is something that should mean more to all of us than winning does, and that is living a life of honor.

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  4. Inmaculada C. says:

    Some people try to appear honorable in order to win the admiration of others.

  5. Inmaculada A. says:

    Live with Honor and Integrity

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