Change your thinking change your life

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change your thinking change your life

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life: How to Unlock Your Full Potential for Success and Achievement by Brian Tracy

“These are some of the best ideas I have ever had - that I’ve ever taught - that I’ve ever practiced and lived by.” - Brian Tracy

He’s not kidding. This is one valuable book :

Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.

The child needs love like roses need rain. As a result of destructive criticism in childhood, we hold ourselves back as adults.

Success lies on the far side of failure.

The fact is, all so-called lucky outcomes are really the result of probabilities. There is no such thing as luck.

Leave nothing to chance.

Don’t wait for things to be just right. It is you who will make things just right, by throwing your whole heart every minute into your work.

Every time I entered into a new field, I learned everything I possibly could about that field, and then applied it as fast as I could.

The way out is up.

Whenever you think or say something negative, you give your power away.

The fact is that nobody is even thinking about you at all.

If you absolutely believe you are destined to be a great success and you hold to this belief no matter what happens, then there’s nothing in the world that can stop you.

You always express your true values in your actions.

The very best way to predict the future is to create it.

Take action immediately. Discipline yourself to do something everyday that moves you toward that goal. Never miss a day until you have achieved it.

A sense of personal mastery is absolutely essential to the healthy human personality.

Businesses fail because of low sales, and succeed because of high sales. Everything else is commentary.

We’ve entered into the era of the go-giver, rather than the go-getter.

Get around winners if you want to be one.

Your goal is to become absolutely excellent at solving any problem that the world can throw at you.

The very best consultants describe themselves as insultants. They don’t give any answers. They instead ask and force their clients to answer tough questions.

Successful people think the world is conspiring for them.

You need courageous patience. Persist longer than anyone else. Persistence is the quality that will ultimately guarantee your success. If you refuse to quit, you must ultimately succeed.

No one was ever defeated unless they accepted defeat as a reality.

One of the marks of superior people is that they can manage themselves, every minute of every day. Only the top 2% of society can supervise themselves… as if everyone is watching.

** The 5-7 tasks you absolutely, positively have to do well to be successful in your job
** All you need is to be 3% better in the KSA’s in order to develop the winning edge

Quotes from others :
“Only the good can be happy, and only the virtuous can be good.” - Aristotle

“The very best way to help the poor is not to become one of them.” - Abraham Lincoln

“The sun has never caught me in my bed.” - Thomas Jefferson

Self-limiting beliefs
1. “I’m not good enough”
Correction: Whatever you’ve accomplished in the past is only a hint of what you can do in the future.

2. “I don’t deserve it”
Correction: The truth is you deserve everything you earn by doing an excellent job. Serve people better. Then you will deserve every dollar you earn.

Trading your time
You trade your time for the results you want.

You can tell what kind of trader you are by looking around you and evaluating your current situation.

A good trader quickly develops the winning edge.

Time is limited. You cannot save time; you can only spend it differently.

If you want a different future, you have to spend your time differently in the present.

Be extremely jealous of your time.

What Optimists think about most:
1. The future
2. Their goals
3. Excellence
4. Solutions
5. Results
6. Growth
7. Action

Core Changes To Make:
1. Change your thinking
2. Change your life
3. Dream big dreams
4. Decide to become rich
5. Take charge
6. Commit to excellence
7. Put people first
8. Think like a genius
9. Unleash your mental powers
10. Supercharge your thinking
11. Create your own future
12. Live a great life

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Do you want to know how you can have a great relationship and live a happy life? Would you be surprised if I told you that you can have this success and happiness, and all you had to do was change the way you think? Whether you're dreaming of becoming a millionaire, obtaining your dream job, buying your dream house or having an incredible marriage, if you change the way you think, you are changing your life for the better. Allow me to say that again; if you change the way you think , you can achieve anything you want. In 60 minutes you will learn how to:. After listening to my program, you will be given the tools to unlock those amazing talents, and abilities and apply them into your every day life.

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