Does nikki have ms in real life

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does nikki have ms in real life

Ms. Nikki’s review of The Coliseum

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Inside John Cena and Nikki's master bedroom (where the magic happens!) - Our Home: John & Nikki

Y&R Star Melody Thomas Scott on Nikki’s MS Flare-Up and Piano Virtuosity!

Scott had strong words about this story. The gall of that guy [Victor]. Also, she knows this concert is an opportunity to raise a lot of money for MS research. The tickets are sold. Of course, Nikki Scott and Victor have an almost 40 year history together, so walking away from their relationship would certainly be a rather fraught decision for Nikki. However, Thomas Scott admits that this latest bump in the road does make the tear greater in whatever fabric their union has left.

First the good news: She's not dying. Now the bad news: Nikki Newman, the divalicious socialite played by Melody Thomas Scott on The Young and the Restless , has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The devastating development was revealed in the Feb. What does she really think of this plot twist? Please tell us this is a good idea! Melody Thomas Scott: When people hear MS they gasp and think it's a death sentence, and the plan with this story is to educate people that it's not, that it's controllable with the proper treatment. Of course, the fans on Twitter are already thinking Nikki's gonna die what with all these mysterious symptoms she's been having.

The Young and the Restless' Melody Thomas Scott Nikki Newman recently revealed via Twitter that she's suffered a health crisis that not only has left her sick and baffled but also missing from Genoa City sets as of late. I hope 2 have the energy 2 write it tomorrow. Am thankful that I have gained enough strength 2 B back at work. The recovery has been slow, but improving. These meds should not B available to public. Very serious side effects.

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Nikki was first introduced in , played by Erica Hope., For 26 years, she's played one of the ultimate survivors of daytime television - Nikki Newman on The Young and the Restless. In real life, actress Melody Thomas Scott has endured her own personal drama, dealing with the painful bladder condition, interstitial cystitis or IC.

Created and introduced by William J. Bell in , the role was originally portrayed by Erica Hope, before Melody Thomas Scott took over in Initially introduced as a stripper , the character became well known for her relationship with businessman Victor Newman Eric Braeden , a union that developed into a supercouple pairing that has spanned over three decades. In , she reveals that she had previously given up a child for adoption, who is later discovered to be Dylan McAvoy Steve Burton. Scott is considered an icon in the soap opera genre. The role of Nikki Reed was first portrayed by actress Erica Hope from to early In May , Scott and the show's producers entered contract negotiations following rumors that she was unhappy because of Nikki's lack of airtime.

Do you have your tickets to the charity concert from hell? So are her MS flare-ups. Why on earth would she go ahead with this? Thomas Scott explains. It even pisses me off.



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