Mind mapping design your life

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mind mapping design your life

Designing Your Life: Build a Life that Works for You by Bill Burnett

*** The #1 New York Times Bestseller ***

Whether we’re 20, 40, 60 or older, many of us are still looking for an answer to that perennial question, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ In Designing Your Life, Silicon Valley design innovators Bill Burnett and Dave Evans use their expertise to help you work out what you want – and how to get it.

Their phenomenally successful Life Design course has been tried and tested by thousands of people, from students to mid-career professionals to retirees contemplating a whole new future. Now in book form for the first time, their simple method will teach you how to use basic design tools to create a life that will work for you.

Using real-life stories and proven techniques like reframing, prototyping and mind-mapping, you will learn how to build your way forwards, step-by-positive-step, to a life that’s better by a design of your own making.

Because a well-designed life means a life well-lived.
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How to Design Your Life (My Process For Achieving Goals)

Design Your Life: Tips From Stanford

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Taking the course has been scientifically proven through two Stanford doctoral dissertations to help eliminate dysfunctional beliefs, increase ideation capability and help one conceive of and pursue a career they really want. Now we have turned it into a book. A tool kit written to help you build a well-lived, joyful life. Have you ever felt the heat to have to the perfect life plan? The pressure to keep up with your colleagues, family, friends and flatmates? Us too. The truth is, there is no single perfect plan.

It depends on the activity logs I shared in my previous post and uses a technique called mind mapping. The purpose of the exercise is to gain insights and develop self-awareness about what engages you, gives you energy and cultivates flow. If you haven't tried mind mapping before, I highly recommend it. It's a simple technique that is great for visual thinkers like myself. The idea is to think visually by connecting related ideas in a map that is similar to how the brain works, via nodes and synapses connections. It's become my go-to ideation technique since.


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    In the book Designing Your Life (, page 71), Bill Burnett and Dave Evans suggest applying mind mapping, a technique often used in.

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