Once upon a time life

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once upon a time life

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The Body's Sentinels

The episode begins with a short montage of a male prehistoric Homo sapiens facing off biologic factors that used to threaten him, and then the scene from present where the similar looking human takes his son to visit to the zoo. Then, the narrator neglects any signs that the dangerous animals that can be found at the zoo and pretty small ones are man's greatest enemies and introduces our microscopic tiny enemies: bacteria , viruses , toxins etc. The scene cuts to a brief presentation of all White Blood Cells explained by the Colonel. He states the following facts to the young Leukocytes that are being taught the basics of defending the body:. The scene changes to the fresh leukocytes having fun and playing in the bloodstream. Then, Lieutenant Jumbo assembles them in a group so they can prepare for their classes in the thymus and are dismissed with promise that their lives will be interesting and that their jobs will be the best of all blood cells.

Naturally, the show gave a greater focus to historical events in France and Europe, but it nonetheless remains an impressive achievement in providing its intended young audience a broad historical overview spread across only 26 half-hour episodes. Once Upon a Time… Man proved to be a huge success, drawing praises for its educational approach and leading to the development of an entire franchise of animated shows, each exploring another educational theme, finding further success beyond the local French audience in many different countries although the franchise still remains relatively unknown in English-speaking territories. Once Upon a Time… Life was the most innovative production in the franchise, moving away from the usual focus on history and geography to explore the different mechanisms of the human body. And there is, of course, the overall thematic approach — Once Upon a Time… Life was a pedagogical affair, with relationship between different characters kept to a minimum, whereas Cells at Work relies on the personalities of its characters to push things forward. Still, the similarities between the two shows are strong, and perhaps for a good reason. Once Upon a Time… Life used this element extensively, as it used the same cast of characters to portray human life of both the outside world and the inside of the human body.

Il était une fois la vie, also known as Micro Patrol is a French-Canadian-Belgian -Japanese-Swiss-Italian-Spanish animated television series which tells the.
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