Dealing with adversity in life

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dealing with adversity in life

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Published 29.04.2019

How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are - Andrew Solomon

We all face adversity from time to time, but some of us are able to flourish when things get difficult, while others seem to struggle getting out of bed in the morning. Successful people have found a way to jump hurdles and navigate around roadblocks that would stop others completely.

5 Ways to Deal With Adversity in Life

Part of that experience includes making a deal with Bill Parrish played by Anthony Hopkins where he graciously gives him a few extra days to live. I wanted to mention this because I would like to add another element to that list in the form of adversity. Just as death and taxes are an unavoidable part of life, so is adversity. In fact, life is full of ups and downs, victories and struggles, and huge momentum shifts. This is just how life is, and adversity is a big part of that experience.

You sit still and trust the engineer. They look like happy people trying to get around in life but many have blank stares on their face. Instead of reaching out to other people for help and advice, they stay stuck and avoid change, because it seems too hard. And for some doing nothing leads to addiction to alcohol or drugs, or other more simple addictions like food, and are often unwilling to let go of it. They have to keep receiving the experience of their addiction, thinking it will, it must help.

Just as death and taxes are an unavoidable part of life, so is adversity. In fact, dealing with adversity can become a very positive and nourishing experience.
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In it, we highlight stories of people who have overcome significant adversities in their lives. It can be big things like cancer, physical or emotional abuse, job loss, divorce, or losing a loved one. It can be a lot of annoying little things too. Things like car trouble which can be a big thing , job stress, relationship stress, your daily commute big where I live , an annoying neighbor, and lots of things that make up the day-to-day hassles in life. We have a couple of options when faced with adversity.

When things were at their worst, he found a way to create something beautiful, and his clear and thoughtful delivery left his family—and all of us—a timeless treasure. The most resilient, impressive leaders I know have found ways to be courageous in the face of great adversity; life challenges lift them up instead of knock them down. The people who have learned to look at challenges as valuable teaching moments are the wisest and strongest leaders that I know. First, they understand that pain is always a temporary condition and an opportunity to learn. Then they generously share their learning and experience with their friends. They commit to making the most of the opportunity for themselves and others.


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