Secret of secrets the elixir of life

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secret of secrets the elixir of life

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Secret of Secrets: The Elixir of Life, hiding in the Bible. Part 2.

Secret Of Secrets The Elixir Of Life Hiding In The Bible Part 1 Santos Bonacci

Also known as the Elixir of Immortality. A legendary potion, or drink, that grants the drinker eternal life or eternal youth; a term derived from Alchemy and used to denote the supposed liquid, a draught of which would give eternal life or some similar required extension or intensification of being. The elixir of life was also said to be capable of creating life itself. While in popular imagination the Elixir is regarded as being a liquid, the early alchemical manuscripts also often describe it as a powder. The origin of the term is probably Arabic, where a word of similar sound denotes a powder used for healing wounds. Sometimes it was believed that the Elixir was the so-called Philosopher's Stone , which could be used to turn base metals into gold or silver. Cosmology ; Enroll Today!

It was during its transitional phase of the early nineteenth century that Freemasonry began to change its public symbolism. During the eighteenth century, the skull and crossbones were used to mark the grave of a Freemason, the symbol being recognised by fellow Freemasons as the resting-place of a Master Mason. The theme of immortality within Freemasonry is represented by a further array of symbolism. The symbolism of the snake which is also used in the Knights Templar ritual alongside the skull and crossbones, is also used as a representation of life and resurrection. The snake swallowing its own tail symbolises eternity within Freemasonry and can been seen as a stylised symbol of infinity. The sprig of Acacia, which is used as a symbol in the third degree, also represents immortality. The author alongside a mysterious Masonic gravestone situated in St.

Tom Riddle , the legendary and feared Dark Wizard who sought after, and temporarily achieved, immortality. Immortality or eternal life is the concept of living in a physical form for an infinite or inconceivably vast length of time. Immortality is one of the known limits to magic ; it is nearly impossible to make oneself immortal; the only known and working ways are making and using a mystical object of great power to sustain life such as the Philosopher's Stone created by Nicolas Flamel or a Horcrux , the latter having been used by Lord Voldemort. If one were to possess the three Deathly Hallows , it is fabled that they would possess the tools to become the " Master of Death ". However, being a true "Master of Death" is to be willing to accept that death is inevitable. Immortality is not to be confused with amortality , which is for something being unable to die due to never having been alive.


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After his death, Flamel developed a reputation as an alchemist believed to have discovered the philosopher's stone and to have thereby achieved immortality. These legendary accounts first appeared in the 17th century. According to texts ascribed to Flamel almost years after his death, he had learned alchemical secrets from a Jewish converso on the road to Santiago de Compostela. He has since appeared as a legendary alchemist in various fictional works. The historical Flamel lived in Paris in the 14th and 15th centuries, and his life is one of the best documented in the history of medieval alchemy. She brought the wealth of two previous husbands to the marriage.

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