The only limits in life

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the only limits in life

Quote by Sheila Parker: “The only limits that exist are the ones we set ...”

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Published 02.05.2019

A Motivating Example for Limits

Because you are human, there is no upper limit to your growth. You can be more, do more, have more, and contribute more.

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LinkedIn Facebook Twitter A very important part of life management is considering and setting limits. On the one hand, the laws of physics limit you and your potential, while on the other, you must set some limits yourself to keep up with the daily discipline more easily and to more easily achieve your goals. We humans are pattern-based beings, seeing patterns even where there are none, and an important part of patterns are limits. Limits are nothing but minimums and maximums in our lives. The especially important ones with time horizon we can understand are daily and weekly limits.

Inspirational quotes on living without limits

When we have limited ourselves, we have decided that we are only capable of so much, that we can only go so far, and that we only have a restricted set of abilities. What made us decide this? - In it, he discusses a military mindset that guides his life and allows him to tap into potential that most people only dream of being able to tap into. For details, please welcome the words of Mr.

How many times have you held yourself back from doing what you really wanted? For most of us, this happens often and more times than it should. Why is that? We all have a desire to have a good life and to do the things that make us happy, but yet, at the same time; we sabotage ourselves from ever satisfying our desires. You can have all you desire, you can achieve what you want, because most of the limits you have, you actually set yourself. Of course, it is not a conscious act, no one purposely desires something and then at the same time, denies them self that very same thing. The driving force behind all your actions is your subconscious mind.

For years I have had this recurring nightmare that I was a fraud, and not as smart as I think I am. I was living my life inside of my perceived limitations. I took a few community college courses and loved it, just never had the time and money to get a college degree. Despite the lack of formal education I have risen to a Senior Vice President position with one of the worlds largest banks. You would think that as hard as I have worked to achieve this, I would not have this fear of being found a fraud.



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