Oliver twist chapter 30 summary

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oliver twist chapter 30 summary

Oliver Twist Quotes by Charles Dickens

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Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, Chapter 30

Ongoing Conversations

Rose visits with Oliver, and, when she sees that he is just a child, begs Mrs. Maylie not to prosecute him. Oliver tells Mrs. Maylie and Rose his entire life story, and they, and the doctor are very moved, and wish to protect him. The doctor asks Mr. Giles if he can be percent sure that Oliver is the robber from the night before.

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A summary of Chapters 29–32 in Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist. Learn exactly what Summary: Chapter The chapter Summary: Chapter Upon seeing.
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Chapters 29–32

Giles, Mrs. Maylie, who is the lady of the house, and Rose, her niece, discuss the thief upstairs. Giles, embarrassed, fails to tell them that the thief is a child. The doctor visits Oliver and asks Rose if she wishes to see him. Giles is not sure what to do. He has seen that the ladies of the house wish to treat the thief with compassion even if he is an adult, so he wonders what they will say to him when they realize he has shot a child. The doctor is quite amused, and wants Rose to see the thief.

The doctor tells them that crime is committed by the very young as well as the very old. Miss Rose begs her aunt to have pity on this boy. Rose contemplates that her fate could have been similar if Mrs. Maylie asks what she can do to save Oliver. The doctor wants to examine Oliver. If he decides that Oliver is a bad apple, he asks Mrs.

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