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where to buy glenn doman flash cards

How to Teach Your Baby to Read by Glenn Doman

To ANYONE who wants their kids to grow up with super reading skills...this is it. Scientifically created by a brain researcher. The original was published way back in the 60s (or maybe 50s). I used it to teach both my kids to read, starting at 18 months. Thats right, months. Both learned to read by 3, and my son had read all the early grade school books by 4. We couldnt find enough with big print. By 5 he was through most of the middle school books.

I measured his reading speed (better than 3000 words per minute for most books). He doesnt remember ever not knowing how to read, and reads WORDS by sight, rather than speaking them in his head the way I do (subvocalizing). He remembers what he reads far better than others.

Many folks are resistant to teaching little ones too early. I notice they dont hold back on things like talking (although many teach sign language). The author answers this objection well. I CAN tell you that a kid that knows more than many of his teachers in grade school can be a challenge...a wonderful challenge.

It would be malpractice for parents to not read this one and at least see how it works...

BTW, it says it was 1st published in 1975...but there was an earlier edition. We have it in our family, my Mother discovered it, and said: I wish Id known about this when raising my family! You all would have had the advantage of speed reading from the earliest times...I just didnt know it was possible!
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Jan 14, Teach math and reading (Glenn Doman flash cards method). Discover the flash cards (reading cards, word list & math dots) for sale you can.
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Glenn Doman Flash Cards Vs Shicida Method

Discussion in ' Year Mums ' started by maglee , Mar 16, Log in or Sign up. SingaporeMotherhood Forum. The one main difference is that GD is homebased and Shichida is classroom based although parents have to do 'homework' for it to be effective. Im using the GD method for my son. GD believes that the best teacher is the primary care giver or the mother.

Forgot password? How effective do you think flashcards are for early childhood education? Not at all 9. I bought both glenn doman style and Shichida style flashcards off the internet. Look though the retail forum site in this website and google for flashcards online.

Free Glenn Doman Inspired Word Cards (all available languages) flash cards baby infant toddler babies toddlers teach help your flashcards language other.
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Here is the complete list and the schedule of when to introduce them. Surprisingly, up until now nothing like this even existed that I knew of, either paid or free. Click here to download and view printable word and picture cards. A: In the book, Doman recommends word cards that are a whopping twenty-two inches long! Word cards that size require you to buy expensive poster board, cut it out by hand, write out the words by hand, are too big to laminate, and are awkward to use and difficult to store.


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