Why money isn t everything

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why money isn t everything

Quote by Kanye West: “Having money isnt everything, not having it is.”

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Published 03.05.2019

Money Doesn't Buy Happiness, But It Is... - Motivational Video

Money isn't everything

It is called the Easterlin paradox, after the scientist who first identified the phenomenon from studies of the Japanese economic boom after the second war. Between and wealth grew dramatically, but life satisfaction fell. He explained the inverse relationship by proposing that once basic needs are met it is not absolute income that feeds felicity but relative income: how much you make compared with others. Economists working on happiness have become very confident of the efficacy of this paradox. Some have even suggested that a government truly concerned with the happiness of its citizens would increase taxes. That would level out relative incomes and so boost satisfaction.

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Everybody wants to be successful in life. People want to be rich, have a lot of friends, and become famous. However, what if instead of being rich with money, you were rich with family and people who cared about you? What if instead of having a lot of friends, you had a lot of happiness and health in your life? Many people forget that money and fame do not lead you to the top. Having friends and family who truly care about you and obtaining a raw happiness from just living life are really what matters in my opinion.


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    5 reasons why money isn't making you happy - Business Insider

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