Patience on a monument meaning

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patience on a monument meaning

Twelfth Night Quotes by William Shakespeare

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Published 04.05.2019

The Real Definition Of Sabr (PATIENCE) - Amazing Reminder

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The centerpiece of the cartoon is a stele an inscribed monument which lists the atrocities blacks in America have endured from slavery through the present time of the election. Seated atop the monument is a black man also a Union veteran who is patience personified. Adding to his misery, his family lies murdered at the base of the monument. For the cartoon's inspiration, Nast once more tapped the popular Shakespeare repertoire, taking the title from Twelfth Night Act II, Scene 4 : "like Patience on a monument, smiling at Grief. Nast takes the idea of women constrained by society and applies it to black Americans oppressed by violent hatred and unjust discrimination. Anti-black Violence.


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Schatzie has bachelor's degrees in animal science and English. She has a master's in education and is a certified teacher. In the brief passage in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night , Act 2, sc. Within the bounds of what society dictates, men can express whatever feelings they desire, whereas women must control and constrain their true emotions. Such standards allow men to make declarations of love when these feelings do not truly exist, and prevent women from expressing these feelings when they are present in their pure and true forms. When Orsino, the duke of Illyria, declares that no woman can have feelings of love comparable to the ones he himself has for the lady Olivia, Viola goes on to prove him wrong.

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