Julius caesar antony speech rhetorical analysis

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julius caesar antony speech rhetorical analysis

Rome and Rhetoric: Shakespeares Julius Caesar by Garry Wills

Renaissance plays and poetry in England were saturated with the formal rhetorical twists that Latin education made familiar to audiences and readers. Yet a formally educated man like Ben Jonson was unable to make these ornaments come to life in his two classical Roman plays. Garry Wills, focusing his attention on Julius Caesar, here demonstrates how Shakespeare so wonderfully made these ancient devices vivid, giving his characters their own personal styles of Roman speech.

In four chapters, devoted to four of the play’s main characters, Wills shows how Caesar, Brutus, Antony, and Cassius each has his own take on the rhetorical ornaments that Elizabethans learned in school. Shakespeare also makes Rome present and animate by casting his troupe of experienced players to make their strengths shine through the historical facts that Plutarch supplied him with. The result is that the Rome English-speaking people carry about in their minds is the Rome that Shakespeare created for them. And that is even true, Wills affirms, for today’s classical scholars with access to the original Roman sources.
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Analyzing Brutus's Speech to the Plebeians

The play, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, is an is the beginning of Antony's funerary speech and the rhetorical devices used in it.
Garry Wills

Rhetorical Analysis Of Mark Antony 's ' The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar '

In addition to excellent empathy, Anthony inspires the audience and uses rhetorical questions to involve them. When he asked the audience, "Caesar 's [military fault]] ambitious," he first used it. In this way, he can ask them to question Brutus' accusation and ask them to introduce them in subsequent examples. However, the most important usage of rhetorical questions is in the last line of "coming to another place". Here, the rhetorical question summarizes Caesar's greatness and tells the audience responsibility for future actions. Among all the works of Shakespeare, Julius Caesar is a drama that relies on rhetoric - both the technique used to conceal the art of persuasion and the intention.

The persuasion and manipulation used by the characters throughout this piece of literature, shows how rhetorical modes of persuasion, rhetorical devices, and cultural experiences can combine. Through his words, Antony seeks to cause dissent and let mischief reign over his audience, the plebeians of Rome. Antony disguises his true intents in his speech, putting him at a moral high ground over Brutus. He finally uses ambiguous meanings. Persuasion is used very effectively when Anthony addresses a speech to the citizens of Rome.

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Essay about Rhetorical Analysis of Antony's Funeral Speech. Words4 Pages. On the Ides of March in 44 B.C., Roman Emperor Julius Caesar was stabbed.
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Rhetoric and Betrayal in Julius Caeser Play

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