Desert storm center of gravity

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desert storm center of gravity

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Published 05.05.2019

Secrets of War Declassified 08of20 Gulf War Architects Of Desert Storm

Peeling The Onion: The Iraqi Center Of Gravity In Desert Storm

The battle plan for vanquishing the Iraqi army mapped out by Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf was one of the most complex military campaigns ever devised, yet it rested upon a fundamental principle as old as human conflict--deception. From the opening minutes of the air war in the pre-dawn hours of Jan. Like all successful military undertakings, the U. The plan relied heavily on air supremacy and massive bombardments--blunt tools for killing men and tanks.

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Nevertheless, the center of gravity concept is still the powerful analytical tool doctrine describes. It is how they complement one another and understanding where and how they fit in operational art, operational design and development of the operational approach. Operational design helps commanders by providing a method to reduce the uncertainty of complex environments, provide understanding of the nature of the problem and enables them to construct an approach to solving the problem and achieving the end state. In simple terms operational art conceptual planning uses design, a method to produce an operational approach or solution to the problem. While design assists in the identification of the problem, the center of gravity concept provides insights into how to remove the problem. Together, the problem identification and how to remove it are the complementary results of design and the center of gravity processes and form the basis for the operational approach.

The concept of center of gravity can by looked at as being simply the focal point of a country's or an alliance's power base during war at the strategic level. The operational and tactical centers of gravity are based on the strategic center of gravity. Clausewitz believed that the identification of the center of gravity was key to determining the correct military objective. The key to defeating the enemy is to discern what his center of gravity is and then directing your energy, be it military or political, against this source of power. This will thus make it possible to bring about a collapse of the enemy without wasting vital lives or resources on superflorious objectives that have no real bearing on the outcome of the war.


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