Twelve o clock high awards

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twelve o clock high awards

Twelve OClock High! by Beirne Lay Jr.

Just a flat good book!

This is another book I got interested in because of a movie AND an old TV show. The novel inspired by the story of the 8th Air Force in World War II and their valiant battle against enemy fighters, anti-aircraft fire (flak), and the inevitability of death in the relentless daylight bombing campaign they fought.

General Savage takes over a bombing group whose losses have all but broken their spirit and whose commander has cracked over his concern for the men under him. Savage must bring the men back to an ability to fight, even if they end hating him more than the Germans.

Another book I like and have liked immensely for years.
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Twelve O'Clock High (1949) Pt.2

‘Some of Us Have Got to Die’

American attorney Harvey Stovall played by Dean Jagger is a tourist in London in when he happens upon an old Toby jug a beer jug in the shape of a man in an antique shop. The jug reminds him of his days in England during World War II , and he subsequently visits the village of Archbury and the abandoned airfield where seven years earlier he had served with the U. The film then shifts to , proceeding in flashback. According to Savage, the previous commander had grown too close to his men, and the new tough policies that Savage institutes alienate the airmen until they see that his policies are the ones that will keep them alive. Savage castigates the men, tells them to stop pitying themselves, and musters their morale as they prepare for longer and more dangerous daylight missions far into German territory. Savage knows many of the young airmen will die in the forthcoming missions, and this weighs so heavily on his conscience that he himself has a breakdown during a mission. The film was routinely praised for its accurate portrayal of the experience of heavy bomber pilots during the war.

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The first time I saw this classic end to end was probably in the s, on a scratchy cassette via my tape-eating VHS recorder. It throws me because I grew up in the cinematic backwash of World War II, a period that produced dozens upon dozens of unmemorable war movies. Its subject is the brutal psychological cost of warfare. Without long-range escort fighters and with little combat experience, U. Army Air Forces heavy bombers were suffering appalling losses. Based on the wartime experiences of Beirne Lay Jr.


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