Horses to ride cattle to cut

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horses to ride cattle to cut

Wyman Meinzer; Henry Chappell (Author of Horses to Ride, Cattle to Cut)

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Published 05.05.2019

How to Ride a Working Cow Horse

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Given rain, the Wild Horse Desert will heal after drought and hard use by humans and livestock have left it battered and bare. Within days, beaten ground will be hidden under midgrass and scores of species of flowers and less showy annuals, though the mix may suggest recent history — a water lot full of waist-high sunflowers; a carpet of ragweed and croton beneath a giant mesquite; a line of prickly poppy and Texas thistle that from a distance suggests a ranch road or two-track through the grass and scrub. While grass and annual cover hint at recent history, a few woodland patches hide a much older story. In southern Jim Hogg County, some five miles east of Guerra, you can pass unaware within yards of two-story stone ruins. Magnificent mesquite savannah like the landscape that once lured Richard King, Mifflin Kenedy, and the East family to the region exemplifies the best grazing land in South Texas. Mindful of rattlesnakes, hidden wells, and Africanized honey bees, you pick your way through the brush, perhaps climbing over piles of stone, and peer through a window or door framed in mesquite timber as sound as the day it was cut. Solid beams that once supported a roof of chipichil — mortar made of lime, sand, and gravel — lie amid piles of rubble and rusty square nails, forged one at a time by a blacksmith gone two centuries now.

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A stock horse is a horse of a type that is well suited for working with livestock, particularly cattle. - It is now time to unveil the source of those images and announce that we are in the process of publishing a large format book, with text by Texas author Henry Chappell, about this crown jewel of hidden treasures that define this region of south Texas. For over years this ranch has been a virtual time capsule, nurtured by the love of a family whose lives have been shaped by the culture and life way of an older Texas and our southern borderland.

Cutting Clinics. Reining Clinics. Horse Training. Sale Barn. Cutting horse clinics. Keli is an excellent instructor who provides the rare opportunity for novice cutters and reiners to learn on a broke show cutting horse. Ever dreamed of riding a finished cutting horse?


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    Louisa is not only an amazingly talented writer and equestrian, but she is our CR RanchWear Canadian rep!

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    Horses to Ride, Cattle to Cut. In the vast Wild Horse Desert of South Texas lies one of the most storied ranches in the Lone Star State, yet one of the most.

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    Horses to Ride, Cattle to Cut: The San Antonio Viejo Ranch | Trusting Our Own Voice

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    Our horseback riding program is all about the Buck Brannaman style of horsemanship, and is the central activity at McGinnis Meadows Ranch.

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