4th armored division order of battle

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4th armored division order of battle

4th Armored Division in World War II by George Forty

Like other volumes in the Spearhead series, this book takes readers to the cutting edge of warfare–for a close look at the make-up, operations, and performance of a military unit operating independently and forcefully at the forefront of battle. With a focus on aspects of war that most narrative histories omit–logistics and supply lines, communications, battlefield terrain, and command and control–this book offers an unparalleled view of the experience of the 4th Armored Division in World War II. Included are a brief history of the unit, its theater of operations, and the combat situations it faced first spearheading Patton’s Third Army in its race across France, then leading the attack to relieve the embatttled Screaming Eagles ofthe101st Airborne Division at Bastogne, and finally into the heart of the Reich itself, crossing into Czechoslovakia by VE Day. Copiously illustrated with photographs, organizational diagrams, tables, and unit markings (both tactical and individual), the book covers every aspect of this unit’s role in the war, from training and strategic planning to engineering and execution. It is an unusually detailed account of the true nuts and bolts behind the drama of the 4th Armored Division in World War II.
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Battleground - The American Division - 4th Armored Division ("Name Enough")

The symbols represent the characteristics of Armored Divisions: the tank track, mobility and armor protection; the cannon, fire power; and the red bolt of.
George Forty


Patton, Jr. The encircled st Airborne Division had occupied that critically vital Belgian town for several days, categorically refusing German demands for surrender. The dramatic linkup of the two forces broke the siege of Bastogne and was one of the great turning points in the Battle of the Bulge. This legendary event has often been described in histories of World War II, but there is a fascinating subplot to the story that is little-known. It took the 4th Armored Division five days of bitter, costly fighting to break the ring of German units encircling the st, but only six days before the linkup, elements of that same division had actually been in Bastogne on the day it was being encircled.

Chief of Staff : Colonel Walter A. Back to the American Divisions menu. Calendar of ceremonies, conferences, exhibitions and re-enactments of military camps on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landings and the Battle of Normandy. This richly illustrated book chronologically describes the course of Operation Overlord through specific events. News from Normandy Inauguration of the monument dedicated to Joseph T.


Legend says their unofficial nickname came to be when the original commander, traditionally permitted to nickname a unit, replied that "Fourth Armored Division" was "Name Enough". The division was activated on 15 April by cadre of the 1st Armored Division , and was fitted out as a full armored division in under the command of Major General John S. The division then swung south to take Nantes, cutting off the Brittany Peninsula, 12 August It fought several German panzergrenadier brigades in the Lorraine area including the SS Panzergrenadier Brigade 49 and SS Panzergrenadier Brigade 51 at this time, defeating a larger German force through superior tactics and training. The 4th cleared Bois de Serres , 12 November, advanced through Dieuze and crossed the Saar River, 21—22 November, to establish and expand bridgehead and took Singling and Bining , then Baerendorf [2] 24 November, before being relieved 8 December.


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