People from rags to riches

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people from rags to riches

From Rags to Riches - Inspiring Stories of Ordinary People with Extraordinary Lives! Quotes by Elda Watulo

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Published 06.05.2019

10 Billionaires Who Came From Nothing

Despite being some of the most recognizable names in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and beyond, these millionaires and billionaires weren't always living the high life. From the seedy streets of LA to the Bayview projects, these celebrities and entrepreneurs made it big after coming from nothing.

Rags to riches

By Minority Mindset Team. No matter how ambitious, driven, or disciplined you are, we all have days when we need a little extra kick to get up and make it happen. The stories below will show you the limitless possibilities available when you work to MIH Make it Happen. Find out how 18 people with the odds stacked against them surprised everyone around them by achieving massive wealth. However, the following stories do prove that average salaries can become massive fortunes in the hands of money-conscious people. Groner allowed those shares to grow, and over the course of her lifetime, kept reinvesting its dividends.

Entrepreneurs like you. George Soros is the type to invest in a franchise and make it into success. Soros' father, in fact, was instrumental in saving his son's life by paying off a government employee. Only later did he get rich and become part of a merchant bank that sparked his career as one of the most famous investors on the planet. This was a crucial move, because in the company became Oracle.

These surprising rags to riches stories will show you exactly how one can go from humble origins to Forbes' list of richest people in the world.
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Abramovich was born in southern Russia, into poverty. After being orphaned at age 2, he was raised by an uncle and his family in a subarctic region of northern Russia. While a student at the Moscow Auto Transport Institute in , he started a small company producing plastic toys, which helped him eventually found an oil business and make a name for himself within the oil industry. Later, as sole leader of the Sibneft company, he completed a merger that made it the fourth biggest oil company in the world. Born into a nomadic tribe in the Syrian desert to a poor mother who was raped by his father and died when he was young, Altrad was raised by his grandmother, who banned him from attending school, in Raqqa, the city that is now capital of ISIS. Altrad attended school anyway, and when he moved to France to attend university, he knew no French and lived off of one meal a day. Still, he earned a PhD in computer science, worked for some leading French companies, and eventually bought a failing scaffolding company, which he transformed into one of the world's leading manufacturers of scaffolding and cement mixers, Altrad Group.


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