Resumen de nuestra america de jose marti

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resumen de nuestra america de jose marti

Nuestra América by José Martí

Jose Marti, el apostol de la Revolucion Cubana, bien podria ser llamado el Apostol de la Revolucion Latinoamericana por cuanto estuvo siempre al tanto de la evolucion politica, economica y social de todos nuestros pueblos. En Nuestra America se recopilan aquellos de sus escritos en los que describe nuestros progresos, critica nuestras fallas o advierte de los sucesos que ponian en peligro la libertad, duramente alcanzada, de los pueblos hispanoamericanos. En estos tambien plasmo su preocupacion y optimismo por nuestro futuro. Este, el segundo de dos tomos, contiene los volumenes 4 y 5 de los cinco volumenes en que fueron publicados estos trabajos originalmente.
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Una lectura de Nuestra América. Pensar con cabeza propia.

“Our America”

The pompous villager thinks his hometown is the whole world. As long as he can stay on as mayor, humiliate the rival who stole his sweetheart, and watch his nest egg grow in its strongbox, he believes the universe is in good order. He knows nothing of the giants in seven-league boots who can crush him underfoot, the battling comets in the heavens which devour the worlds that lie sleeping in their paths. These are not times for lying comfortably in bed. Fortifications built of ideas are more valuable than those built of stone. No armored prow can smash through a cloud of ideas. A vital idea brandished before the world at the right moment like the mystic banner of Judgment Day can stop a fleet of battleships.

The prideful villager thinks his hometown contains the whole world, and as long as he can stay on as mayor or humiliate the rival who stole his sweetheart or watch his nest egg accumulating in its strongbox he believes the universe to be in good order, unaware of the giants in seven-league boots who can crush him underfoot or the battling comets in the heavens that go through the air devouring the sleeping worlds. Whatever is left of that sleepy hometown in America must awaken. These are not times for going to bed in a sleeping cap, but rather, like Juan de Castellanos' men, with our weapons for a pillow, weapons of the mind, which vanquish all others. Trenches of ideas are worth more than trenches of stone. A cloud of ideas is a thing no armored prow can smash though.

He was very politically active, and is considered an important revolutionary philosopher and political theorist. He traveled extensively in Spain, Latin America , and the United States, raising awareness and support for the cause of Cuban independence.
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  1. Probinneli says:

    Our América. José Martí,. Published in El Partido Liberal (Mexico City), January 20, Revised translation for the Centro de Estudios Martianos. Esther Allen.

  2. Leuco E. says:

    While in exile, Marti wrote prolifically for Spanish-language Latin American newspapers, mostly about the United States and the necessity of defending and nurturing Latin American culture, and he organized what he hoped would be the revolutionary army that would at last free Cuba.

  3. Fritz C. says:

    Esta edición contiene los siguientes libros: NUESTRA AMÉRICA de José Martí RESUMEN DE LA HISTORIA DE VENEZUELA de Andrés Bello PROSA.

  4. Laurencio Q. says:

    José Julián Martí Pérez was a Cuban poet, .. On January 1, , Martí's essay "Nuestra America" was published in New York's Revista Ilustrada, and on the 30th.

  5. Annot S. says:

    His dedication to the goal of Cuban freedom made his name a synonym for liberty throughout Latin America.

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